• justme

    #27 And the honeymoon is over.

    • justme

      he's married to jessica biel, not mila kunis. this was from a movie they were in together.

  • mean

    #2 twins???<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Amy

    #6 I looooooove Tom Selleck! He just keeps getting better and better!

    • its_ok

      I really wish they'd continue the "Jesse Stone" series….😦

  • temujin1234

    LOL @ #12<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • PicklesMcGee

    lmao #26 is fantastic😀

  • mrshelderman

    #21 Vanessa Hudgens dress is so beautiful. I want it soooo bad!

    • katie

      actually, it's not a dress- its a pantsuit!:)

      • mrshelderman

        Ok, then I shall change my opinion to: What a weird pantsuit. Such a waste, it would make a beautiful dress.

  • bombtronbecky

    #32 Two attractive douchebags. /Sigh

    • http://brookiesworld.com brookied18

      Yep both in my top 5

  • https://twitter.com/DanaLittlerose Dana Littlerose

    #25 is like a dream.

  • socalmarti

    #24 I absolutely adore Gwen, so beautiful and such an amazing sense of style!!!

  • Rachel

    my god… #31 in love.

  • xoxo

    #20 I love the forever chewing woman in the background.

  • justjohn

    #9 love love love

  • Lys

    #11 … I have always loved that picture of Britney… So pretty

  • http://brookiesworld.com brookied18

    #17 I'm surprised no one has pointed out that she's actually smiling.

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