• b mat

    holy crap.. I'm a straight male but wow I love the gaslight anthem. Very surprised to see Mr. Fallon pop up here. It was the first and maybe last time I ever looked through afternoon eye candy. Very cool!

    • Joseph

      Yeah me too bro. One of the best bands ever

  • Erika

    Sleeve of tattoos ? Yes sir !

  • Felix Bojangles

    He is such a sweetheart. And definitely a very nice choice for Afternoon Eye Candy. I just miss my last job where I met him time to time. Awesome dude, awesome pick!

  • tabbilynn

    why cant there be more carbon copies of him!? beautiful man, great band! just amazing!! best pick in a while for afternoon eye candy! But Tattoo's always get me drooling!!!!

  • Sara

    He's cute, but not my type. Too many tats for this girl!

  • jenndawl

    Yes! Just what I needed on a crappy day! I have been jamming to Gaslight Anthem all day at work!

  • Sam


  • http://twitter.com/Couteret @Couteret

    He got chubby since Gaslight blew up.

  • temujin1234

    Nice one.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Romina


  • Ali

    I have been of fan of TGA since I was 16, they were my first concert! I was totally shocked when I got on the Berry this morning to see Brian Fallon! Congrats to the last of the jukebox Romeo's.

  • SailorTattoos

    Thank you for finally putting Brian in this category!:) Just came back from their Europe tour and had a blast. If you wanna help the victims of Sandy check out The Gaslight Anthem's relief shirts: http://www.infinitemerch.com/home.php?cat=499


  • jess


  • rocklesson86

    I like Gaslight Anthem. I like the way that he dresses.

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