• Sara

    #2 Escalator… Level Asian.

  • Joanna

    #10 trip down memory lane! I loved those!! My favorite snack was probably Chicken in a Biscuit (still love them), with a side of those 10 cent tiny jugs of blue sugar "juice".

    #23 my husband had to pause the show because I couldn't stop laughing after that line. Oh, how I adore Phil!

  • Ginga

    #10 mine is dunkaroos. I want some really really really bad now

  • julieAryan

    #1 that little boy just made me melt! Look at those cheeks!

  • Amelia

    Who is #30?

  • Emmy

    #18: catching up reading Cosmo's November issue and saw this =P

  • tangeria

    #6 is it okay that i want to pick that up and plunk it down on his head and say "hey,life is happening… pay attention!!!"

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