• verdant_waves

    #24 YES.

    • nicki

      M thoughts EXACTLY. all of a sudden, i can't wait for shirless friday!

    • Ben Zyl

      Plaid, bow ties and pink pants, that's NEVER going to happen!

  • erin

    #2 Kinda looks like Keanu Reeves to me…

  • awhite2020

    May I suggest a gallery, "stuff I hope my boyfriend never wears."

  • Sarah

    #2 – I like this outfit, sans the hat. The other outfits look nice but… not what I would want my boy to wear. But #28 is true. Absolutely, 100% true.

  • erika

    #28 amen!

  • Amanda

    I wish my boyfriend was #3

  • 29er

    #10 just go to Express. That's where I go and now my wife is super happy with the way I look. I won't lie, I like it too.

  • Christine

    #2 and #5 please!!

  • Beth

    I really don't get the whole bowtie thing. Not attractive in my book.

  • rocklesson86

    I like this post a lot. I want my man to know how dress presentable. On a side note I want #20 to by my boyfriend.

    • its_ok

      * presentably.
      * be my boyfriend.

      • rocklesson86

        I meant to say Be my boyfriend, but the first isn't wrong. I actually meant to say presentable.

  • Kasey

    I love this post! Top 3!

  • temujin1234

    #27 – Very nice.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Corvin

    #28 is wrong. It should say PORN, not lingerie.

  • mikedubyaa

    i think this gallery should be titled stuff you wish your boyfriend looked good wearing.

    • DRD

      These posts are just like playing dress up with dolls.

  • ThigWife

    #20 any day
    #23 yup
    #26 awesome

    • ThigWife

      #28 I meant #28 #26 is god awful different pants maybe huge maybe

  • http://soapopolous.tumblr.com/ Sophia

    Loved #8

    • bitt3rsw33t47

      navy ship?

  • Siobhan

    Ahhh that's my tweet!! Day = MADE!!😀


    • Kamila


  • Cheryl

    Nice to know plaid is back again 'cuz #10 is my hubbies closet……..

  • Old Guy

    You wish your husband was gay?

    • its_ok

      plaid is ok; it's the gingham that's gay.

  • DRD

    Bow ties do not look that good, no matter how trendy they may be. In a few years, they will be as unpopular as ever.
    Rolled up pant legs looks stupid. But then again, parachute pants looked stupid, and they were popular, too.
    A well-tailored suit is not a too tight/small suit like usually gets pictured here. (And if you post a note of a "well-tailored" suit, at least have one with a decently tied tie.

    Honestly, there are a lot of guys out there who don't dress in this junk because they have more fashion sense than to be moved by short-term fashion ugliness.

    • Daisy

      Honestly most of guys out there don't dress nicely. just hop on a nyc subway, and you shall see.
      I don't know where you're located, maybe Paris? i've seen better result there.

      I think your rejection of bow ties is mostly cultural. It looks good on certains men.

    • Anuar Bustaman

      I agree with you . You got that sense of fashion with class!

  • Sky Summers

    Really? Then instead of wishing, why don't you take your boy friend shopping and buy him these. After that, force him to wear whatever he does not like in this gallery.

  • DC

    Well I hate to tell you this women, but we all aren't models. We all don't make a shit ton of money that's going to allow us to buy these overpriced threads that aren't worth their asking price. Oh, and we don't give a shit for the most part. We want to be comfortable. We don't want to be uncomfortable AND douchey. And besides, like I said, the majority of us are not models. Most of us can't pull 99 percent of that shit off. Those who could probably wouldn't want to anyway. Oh, and if we're your man, that means we're straight. And straight men don't wear most of the clothes shown above. So, uh, yeah. Take from my mini-rant what you will. I mean, we don't ask you to look incredibly sexy and wear $400 dresses every day, do we? Most of us would rather see you in a t-shirt and sweats. And you should enjoy that fact.

    • 'Merican Man

      "Most of us would rather see you in a t-shirt and sweats…."

      HELL no.

    • Jim

      And you wonder why you're single

  • Humphrey

    So, you want your boyfriend to be a preppy douche who spends $1,000 on an outfit? And rolled cuff skinny jeans and shoes with no socks is disgusting hipster bullshit.

  • Kaniac

    Every time I see a man (I leave the kids alone) wearing a pair of skinny jeans I ask him where he shops for his panties. I know they are popular but there are some things a "man" shouldn't wear and skinny jeans are one of them. Go get a pair of Levis that fit you "right" not too baggy not too tight the way jeans are supposed to fit. Slacks are another key item all men should have. Pick up a nice suit that once again fits you "right" get it tailored to fit you perfect. Some nice solid color or subtle design ties are a plus to any male's wardrobe. As long as you are not on the chubbier side of life plaid shirts do look really great on most men. The same is true for dress shirts. I am actually a little bit of a superhero geek and think every man should have a favorite also so I actually love #6. The salmon pants and shorts i would have to agree with previous posters where that is just wrong. I do like some shades of pink on a man especially if he has the right skin tone for it . However, If my boyfriend ever showed up wearing any kind of pink pants, well, let's just say he would be very lonely for a long time. There are just some images you can't get rid of. And what is with the rolled cuffs? The bow ties I am up in the air about. I have seen some men completely pull it off and look drop dead sexy while doing it. On the other hand I have seen men that looked like they were being strangled by an oddly colored butterfly. The suit comment I completely agree with but the picture the comment is on would not have been my choice as the perfect suit. A perfect suit requires a perfect tie and that was not it. I will end my rant now as I seem to care more about this than I probably should.

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