• temujin1234

    #4 – Well done.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Kelli

    Stop posting pictures of people on their phones while "using" machines at the gym. Those people are called machine gym hogs. They are typically royal douche bags only capable of one phrase, "Nah man, I'm on this one." Leave your phone in your locker, you're wasting my time.

    • Nikki

      It's called iPod. You usually have on an iPhone and u use it to listen to music while ure at the gym. Also there always a 1 minute break between reps. And that's plenty of time to take a pic to motivate yourself or so. I do have a solution for your problem tho. You can build yourself a gym, or you can go at a time no one goes, last but not least you can shut the fuck up and stop being an asshole.

      • eric

        Hell yea!! Tell em nikki😉

        • Nikki


      • mental one

        haha! BBOOYAHH!! thank you for that.

  • josh

    #2 challenge accepted!!

    • Leslie


  • http://twitter.com/ah_lessia @ah_lessia

    #3😮 call me maybe?!

    • http://twitter.com/ah_lessia @ah_lessia

      #13 * -__-

  • hi mom

    #7 perfection

    • TTT

      Haha, this is a pornstar. Because this is the Berry and not the chive, I'm guessing that was an accident.

      Not going to say how I knew that…

  • Bobby

    12 year old girls run *and* Berry. I'm impressed

    • michelle

      So what songs would you run to then?

      • doerteee

        I listen to audio books when I run because they keep my brain occupied and I don't even notice how long I've been running. Music doesn't really work for me. (But I don't do any speed training or whatever.)

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