• temujin1234

    #23 – Yes.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

    • Wisti

      Flowers die and I don't get to see my significant other for months at a time. I'd rather have a permanent mark that I can have with me always, not just see when I'm sitting on my ass at home.

    • Flowerpower

      A definite Yes to this.
      So many people die just for one woman to walk around with a diamond on her finger.
      With such high divorce rates, I just can't justify blood diamonds.
      And for the record, many of the so-called 'clean' diamonds are so because they've been 'washed' by being bought by large corporations.

  • Ari

    #4 Are awesome! #29 I wan to squeeze that thing so hard!! Sooooo fluffy!

  • maggie

    #23 I would go with flowers

  • skyfireCO

    I wish I had any kind of skill at painting my nails.. then I could actually do #6. Unfortunately it looks like I had a 5 year old paint them whenever I attempt😦

    #27 is an absolutely adorable idea!

    • Meghan

      I'm the same way when it comes to painting my nails. Luckily, my best friend is awesome at doing nails and always wants to paint mine!!

    • Sophie

      that carriage bed is $45,000.00, they have a crib too!

    • zillyzallie

      Right? My nails look like the dog is my manicurist AND they start chipping 30 seconds after the 3 hours it took to paint my right hand with my left. GUH.

  • Kara

    #23 I would like flowers on my table that came with the diamonds for my neck !

    • Raven

      Flowers die but diamonds are forever

      • April C.

        That's the beauty of fake flowers.😀

        • Laura

          Hell to the no. You better not be buying me fake flowers!

    • Ginny

      I second that emotion!

  • verdant_waves

    I want all of the shoes in #16.

    • MeepMeep

      Beat me to it.

  • BeachBoard681

    I WANT #9. Anyone know where that beautiful garment is from?

    • Ans

      wish I knew too! I might end up trying to find someone to make me one!

  • BerryKT

    #29 what's the name of the breed of this cat??? #11 i like it…

    • dkellyb

      Exotic shorthair, a shorthair version of the Persian cat:)

    • Kirsty

      Scottish fold

  • LoLo

    #23 Flowers die. Diamonds are forever.

  • http://twitter.com/elleebeans @elleebeans

    #23 I've seen a better version of it it goes like this- I'd rather have flowers in my hair then diamonds around my neck.

    • Wisti

      I like that saying better:)

  • zillyzallie

    I like the concept behind the egg lip stuffs in #4, but I kind of find them to be a tad dry. I dunno.

  • dreagee

    #2 is most definitely me! #27 if i ever have a daughter i want to try my best to give her something like this!

  • April C.

    #5 Hmm…do people really care about this? I'm asking because I have one purse…it's pink, but it's amazing so I always use it. The only time I switch is if I go to the movies and sneak in food.

    • Nichole

      I only have one purse too. it's awesome but definitely doesn't match anything I wear. I definitely don't care about if it matches my top. So you're not alone

    • Kitkatk8

      Lol!!! Same!! I always try to open the soda can during a loud part in the movie – but of course that's when it becomes dead silent out of nowhere!

  • katastrophe89

    #17 is where I wanna be😀

  • Chomi

    #7 Beautiful Really!

  • mrshelderman

    I feel like #1 anytime I find a pair of heels that fit, don't slip, and don't hurt.

  • Carro

    I love´d this post. All pics were Awesome! =3

  • mimi

    #23 I love flowers but they don't last long, and you know what they say about diamonds…..

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  • ThigWife

    #4 I have had almost all of those
    #9 super cute
    #16 I'll take them all Thanks!

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