Matthew McConaughey is withering away (10 photos)

Matthew McConaughey got super thin for a movie role called, 'The Dallas Buyer’s Club.' In the film, Mr. Matthew is playing a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live. Check out his transformation for the role below.

Click HERE to see an awesome video of Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

  • temujin1234

    Nice effort.<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

  • bErMeNtAl

    Matthew McConaughey may beat/freak me out more than Christian Bale in The Machinist.

  • Dani

    By the time you get down to #10, he looks like a creeper you would want to avoid in a dark alley.

    • verdant_waves

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Meghan

      he looks like someone i would avoid at all costs, not just in a dark alley. lol
      very scary.
      i don't think any role is worth all of that, i hope he is still considered healthy.

  • punkie panda

    OMG stop him he needs to eat big time no role is worth that someone help him

    • nayala

      agreed! doesn't look healthy and it scares me!

      • xoxo

        Tom Hanks did it for Philadelphia and he was fine.

    • danilo

      I read that now that he's filming he will be putting on weight again

  • Sarah

    #10 – AHHHHH!!!! =(

  • kat

    #10 kind of looks like Bruce Jenner…

    • Courtney


  • Ari

    Holy cow! That's impressive. Can you imagine how hungry he must be?! I once had to go on a liquid diet for 5 days before surgery and I was CRANKY pants. Hats off to the dedication. But I hope shooting ends soon so he can go back to being yummy!

  • ale

    Wow… he really does look sick! The thing about trying something else in his career… :S

  • Bebe

    He looks like Chester the molester…

  • me2

    I remember reading that when Matt Damon lost all that weight when he played the junkie soldier, he said that it caused him to have heart problems of some kind. I hope Matthew's weight loss is being monitored by a Dr.

  • Ash

    Good on him for his hard work and dedication, but I cannot wait for him to regain the weight! He looks so unhealthy😦 but I guess that's part of the art. Can't say I'd be willing to do it! Hopefully he is being monitored.

  • Kayla

    OMG that's crazy


    I dont understand why actors put themselves through this. Is it just greed for the money ??He looks really ill and no doubt has harmed his body by starving it so . Why don't producers just find a thin actor and cast them??? Its not like he is a brilliant actor or anything and they HAD to have him ????

  • Sue

    For a million(+) dollars, and a personal trainer, a dietist, who says NO to drop weight for a Guaranteed Role?
    It's like: work, or something? Not 'nice effort', 'not crazy': How to get a Milion Dollars.
    I have seen people working. (Not him, and YES there is an doctor involved! Also Free.)

  • Mich

    That's NOT Matthew M. Nice try…

  • foevo
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