• Starr

    #3 is why I don't look at daily inspiration anymore. It's completely photoshopped and bordering on Thinspo. Take care of your audience, and stop posting unhealthy images please.

    • Claire

      I agree with this. I like it better when there is "real people" we can identify with. Most of us wouldn't work out with our hair all down and in just a sports bra, with makeup and all. I find before and after picks incredibly inspiring, or of people who are obviously not in shape getting into shape, not the model picks.

      • temujin1234

        Agree, achievements such as in #9 are more inspiring.

    • KrissyJ

      #3 is fine and for some a goal to achieve. Start your own website and post what you like to look at. Bet you don't have the motivation for anything but flapping your bitter lips. Don't miss the dunkin donuts on your way out.

      • doerteee

        That was unnecessarily rude.

        That being said, my boyfriend's brother used to date a fitness model and most of her pictures basically looked like that, but she looked completely different when she was actually working out lol

  • temujin1234

    #9 – Well done.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Starr

    Real – not photoshopped to death – women are far more inspirational. Thinspo has got. Ta. Go.

  • Mary

    More #9 and #13 and less of #3 types please. What is inspirational about a size 0 model working out? How about a size in double digits working out? THAT will motivate me! Thanks😀

    • Pat

      What you are bashing is a body type that some people have. Think before you speak.

      • kate


  • katie

    I think everyone is being overdramatic about #3… it's not like you ONLY post victoria's secret models in daily motivation. There are plenty of "real" women too, and it shows a girl working out and wearing a sports bra.. thats motivating to me. just because someone is thin doesn't mean she's not real!

    • daph

      I think people are being over dramatic, but I can see their point too. If this girl was covered in sweat, or even had her hair pulled back so it looked like she was working out, I think it would be a bit more believable. She clearly has some muscle tone, so it's not like she has never worked out before. I know I'm never going to look like her, but it's nice to know that skinny girls have to work out too.

    • Nikki

      I agree I like these photos. It inspires me to work out to one day have are defined like that nd to be able to wear just a sports bra in a gym !

      • Ellen

        The problem I have with the picture is that it is not realistic goal. My sister drive herself into the depths of an eating disorder, and media like this had a role in it. I could work out for 6 hours a day and I would not look like that. I understand what you are saying about it being inspiration, but I don't think it's the right kind of inspiration.

        • http://twitter.com/Izzie_x @Izzie_x

          Its not a realistic goal for you for me it is I am naturally very skinny and looking at that picture I see that having muscle is not always ugly. Shes an inspiration ( to a limit) for me since I am skinny and that is what I could look like if I trained more, these things are not always to lose weight but also to get fit

          • kate

            thankyou!! im in the same boat and so over the skinny bashing

  • ColoradoJ

    Cat fight cat fight. Bitterness isn't attractive. #3 motivates some not all, #13 looks painful stop doing that to your ligaments aaah!!. Talk about posting unhealthy images, Cross fit has one of the highest rates of injury of any activity.

    • Suggie

      I've been doing Crossfit for a while now. I think the thing is that most people push too hard. I always see this especially when its the WOD. Because I love it I go at my own pace. And just because it says work at body weight doesn't mean one must. I always feel sorry for the people who seem like they want to impress others. As long as we work out remembering that we compete against ourselves only, with the goal of improving one's own fitness level, Crossfit is ok.

  • justme

    The problem with #3 is not that she is thin or wearing makeup, it's that the image is photoshopped. Her torso is completely out of proportion with the rest of her body. Post pics of thin girls all you want, but completely unrealistic photoshopped pics do not belong on the Daily Motivation. Send those over to the Chive.

    • Starr

      Exactly!!! That's my point!! I'm in no way bashing any body type – it's the photoshopping of her ribcage and waist to an unnatural proportion that I object to. That's not obtainable or even healthy! This is coming from a "skinny" girl; I just worry about presenting these unobtainable pictures to women and sayin "be this" when REAL beauty is much more inspirational. I'm disappointed in one of my favorite sites for continuing to post Thinspo material.

  • Pat

    Have you ever thought about what spouting off about being thin/"not real" does to people? These are real women you all are griping about. Respect each other. #3

    Keira Knightley says that being called anorexic over the years has taken a toll.
    "The anorexic stuff – It's always going to have an impact, so I think it did hit pretty hard," the 27-year-old actress told Allure magazine in the December issue, according to E! Online. "Because you go, oh, maybe that's right! I knew I wasn't anorexic, but maybe my body is somehow not right."

    • doerteee

      my body type is very very similar to Keira Knightley's, and it's definitely not a blessing. Even doctors have asked me several times "DO YOU HAVE AN EATING DISORDER? BE HONEST!"
      Nope. This is just what I look like. Get over it.

      Of course the Photoshop on that picture was unnecessary. But it's not the end of the world either. And nobody is saying everyone should look like that.

  • Disappointed

    I'm only 4k from my healthy weight which my doctor wants me to have. For many people, I'm very slim already. But just because the people who think that are heavier doesn't make it wrong for me to keep striving for my healthy weight.
    I thought berries are supportive. I find it sad that there are so many negative comments about this. How bad must the berries feel who have already achieved their goals?
    Yes, its obviously a model, but still, insisting on picture of chubby people just to feel better about oneself is rather childish. I also enoy the ones that show what I can look forward to having.

    • lola951

      read the comments its not the skinniness, its the photoshopping

  • foevo
    • Michalina K.

      what is this?!! do you know?

      • TootieM

        Looks like avocado on toast.

  • Sarah

    #3 is fine for girls like me who are thinner than the average person. Everyone needs to workout, not just overweight people, take what works for you and the stuff that doesn't, well, just look past it.

  • Abbey

    I doubt the VS model in #3 even works out !

  • Bridget Graham

    Actually Candice Swanepoel in #3 's body isn't all that shopped, if at all. If you see videos of her she's actually shaped like that, and it's because she works her butt off. You can tell she's toned and fit, not starving. This picture is inspiring to me.

    Also, #16, you're super brave and your body is gorgeous!

    • Pat

      Her stats say she is 5'9" and 120 pounds, so I can only imagine how slender she is, photo alterations or not.

  • cec

    #3 Is a photo from the victoria's secret catalog and website… It is very likely shopped since virtually all of their stuff is.

  • http://www.springvid.com/ Arlena

    I find before and after picks incredibly inspiring, or of people who are obviously not in shape getting into shape, not the model picks.

  • KieransGirl

    #7 Berry where can I find the recipe for these?

  • JessieBelle

    #3 I think we're missing the real message here: That's a REALLY cute sports bra!😉

    • lola951

      …and in no way would hold up my big boobies, but you are right:)

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  • Melissa

    #13 is doing nothing for exercise, its just using the momentum from swinging your legs to push you up.. seriously that's not helping you at all.

    • Alicia

      Are you insane? Do 10-30 reps of kipping pull ups (for multiple rounds) and tell me that isn't exercise. You still rely heavily on your upper back even when kipping. Chin really should get over the bar, though.

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