• JennyRae

    #7 My 3 stair steps. Berry, you just made their day!

    • Erin

      Your kids are so cute! Their smiles are infectious I bet.:)

      • JennyRae

        Thanks Erin. Infectious they are. They can always make me smile or laugh when I need it the most and even when I don't. Especially my youngest (the one with the guitar). He's the one who can break me without even trying.😉

  • MissVega84

    #20 is so sweet and cute I nearly got teary eyed :)

  • Hannah

    #35 looks a bit like Jamie Oliver (British Chef!)

  • Mike

    #42 hey that's me!!!!! Omg I just made the berry thanks to my amazing Wife

  • Victoria

    #39 is me and my princess:-)

  • Dawn

    This totally my son's day. He and husband are dedicated Chivers!

  • brigid

    #15 so cute! Literally the best and cutest couple!! :) yayy! emily got on the berry!!❤

  • erin02125

    too many to choose, love them all

  • D<3

    #51 #52 We made it!! I love these people so much!

  • Kari


    My grandma just passed away due to an unexpected stroke and my Papa (Pops) has end-stage lung cancer. I'm the "#1 granddaughter" – first of 15 – and most favorite, I like to think. My hubby and I got married between the stroke and hospice, but kept the party scheduled for 10/27. My Pops was there, and Grandma was there in spirit, I know. My Pops is know finishing up things down south where it's warmer, but I know I won't see him again before he's in heaven. I feel you…

    • Kari

      Ack, stupid tears… #43

  • Kayla

    #47… Is that in the Towers (Wolfe or Travers) at The College of New Jersey? I would recognize those lovely yellow closets anywhere!

    • Jewels

      it is! T4!!

  • nsj

    #22 so adorable!!

  • Erika

    #23 #31 best friends are the BeSt ! #44 I am thankful for him too ! HMOTB

  • socalmarti

    Berry, I'm thankful for posts like this they bring a tear to me eye and remind me what life is really about!

  • Sam

    Yay, we made it! #45😀 My sister and I LOVE LOVE LOVE theBerry!

  • Sonia

    #13 Congrats on everything! Life tried to bring you down, but you just fought through it, and made it out so much better and stronger!
    #45 Good luck on her walking! She can do it!
    #57 is me:-)

  • KatieOKCCO

    #5 – CONGRATS on the future chiver! Aim for January 6! Cool people are born on Jan 6😉
    #28 – so cute

  • Suzanah

    #48 We made it! Tks Berry, it made my day.
    -Happy Thanksgiving! From a Berryfan:)

  • Puddin

    #22, that is awesome Mom, keep up the good work. I'm glad your family is healthy.

  • Puddin

    #17 even more good baby news! Awesome!

  • LGG

    AWESOME – we should do this every day!:) (and on theberry.com every week??:) )

  • http://www.quoteusa.com/ Marya Mackay

    Superb article mate but how do get your rss feed? Please sending us an e-mail with instructions?

  • Leigh

    ❤ #37

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