• nessipoo

    These were great … but was really hoping to see some Stephen Amell from Arrow … there's a reason he is shirtless at some point in every episode …

  • HeatherW

    Leeroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon)

  • Alex

    Honestly, I know like 5 of these guys and not even by name, just by the show they are in. And most arent even hot :((

  • Jenn

    You missed Stephen amell from arrow and jay Ryan from beauty and the beast!!!

  • Batgirl

    who is #8?

  • Morgan M.

    I looked at this list specifically to make sure #30 was on here. Thanks for gettin me hooked nerdy guy best friend haha.

    • thepostcollegeblog

      Me too!!

  • Sophie

    Ooooh, #2 from where are you?! & #30 is just classiccc

  • Emily

    #23 and #28 oh my any day please!:)

    • Stacey

      WHO is #23?! and yes Ian is sooo yummy

  • Darcy

    #1 #1 #1 AHAHAHAAH Matt Bomer!! I can't wait for White Collar to come back!

  • charlotte

    This post made my day the things id do to #1 and #26 yummy!!

  • Megan

    Who is #16 and #19? Actually, I don't even know who half of these guys are.

  • Drew

    i think a mega post of #20 is in order, now!!❤

  • Vellie

    #28 *drool*

  • kate

    #28 mmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  • Jennah

    What about Matthew gray gubler and shemar Moore from criminal minds!!

  • Kiwi

    I think the boys from Once Upon A Time deserve a mega post. The mad hatter! Captain Hook! August Booth! Prince Charming and sooo many more. Probably one of the hottest casts mmmmm

  • Hummus

    #27 unf :Drool:

  • Valerie

    #8❤ Caleb
    #10 Yummmm
    #12 MOARrrrr
    #14 Nuthin yummier better than a Bass
    #15 Team Matty
    #28 My prince Charming!!!
    #30 Brothersssss❤

  • alexis

    I candy yummy #16 #12 # 11 #10 #3

  • kalena

    No Charlie Hunnam? That is pure insanity

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  • Hayley SNARF

    Who is #2? I must know!

  • michael

    It's Thanksgiving folks…. let's focus on what you HAVE – not what/who we don't.
    Pass the meat, please. Yum.

  • BridgetEGraham

    Who on earth are #12 and #21? Total Babes.

    And I have a huge crush on #27. Love him in AHS

  • Ashley

    No Paul Wesley? He's my favorite Salvatore brother by far. Sigh.

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