Daily Awww: You have always been this cool… (18 photos)

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  • chesterdrawers

    #10 Well played, sir, well played…

  • G, 24

    Aww #6, he was doing a good thing! I'm from Kosovo (same story as Bosnia) and I wouldn't be around without people like your dad. Thank you:)

    • Lisa

      :) 6 is a cute picture though. :)

  • G, 24

    Hah, I meant #5, sorry!

    • Lisa

      The baby in that picture is my daughter. :) She was 2 months old when he left for Basic Training. We saw him for 12 days in the next 13 months. The things he had to do there…the rapists that he stopped…by shooting them…it took a part of his soul. Yes, he's glad he did it, but taking someone elses life isn't something one does without…without serious consequences. I am glad that he was able to help. I wish war would not happen.

      We are also pic #7. Those were amazing years. The baby in this picture is the younger sibling of the baby in 5. They are 20 & 18 years old now. God it seems like a lifetime ago. Their lifetimes.:)

  • Sarah


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