• chivette

    x-tina needs to ixnay spray tan😦

  • Yourmomeats1

    She let herself GO! Can't blame it on her 5 YEAR old kid. BTW she starred in "Burlesque" AFTER she had her son….

  • ale

    Yikes! a make up & hair disaster almost in every pic. #17 looked good.

    • Sophie

      she actually looks amaizing in this photo…
      what a waist
      this should be her "back to basics" look.

      • Speller

        You can't see her waist in this pic. But I'm sure it's lovely.

  • sqooq ɹoɟ ʞɔɐɥ llıʍ

    #11 Does her necklace say "URINE"???

    • marshie

      i think it's drive. but the former makes more sense as to how she looks like.

  • Coco

    #17 is stunning. Wish she'd quit trying so hard and just let her voice shine. Although she says she's "happy" now, I have a hard time believing it, because that's typically one of the reasons people over (or under) eat. Stop eating those feelings girl, focus on your true inner self!

    • luna

      maybe she was under eating before.

  • porkbutt

    #19 Here come those Latin hips… Insanity isn't THAT expensive…

  • Crush

    #4…to bad she don't look like that anymore…..sooooo hot.

    • justsayin

      she's way too thin ew it makes her look alien like

  • sydney

    Cyndi Lauper…is that you??

    • Angela

      I seriously think that is Cyndi…Christina's eyebrows don't look like that

    • Alwayslookinup

      LOL That was funny '

    • dollybakerton

      i was going to say the saaaame thing! hahaha whaaaa

  • Ari

    She has an amazing voice and a really pretty face. I think she piles it on too much.. peroxide and make-up. Makes her look way too processed!

  • socalmarti

    I truly don't know how she has any hair left on her head, her or Britney! I'm sure they both suffer from that female baldness thing!!! #4

  • Colleen

    I love when she does the colored tips, so sexy on her for some reason… yet would look ridiculous on me.

  • Clare

    is #12 really her? It doesn't even look like her

  • Rachel

    two things… i love her dark hair. and #18 may be the most unflattering picture i have ever seen. from anyone.

  • chivette

    are u sure #18 is christina aguilera??

  • Claudia


    • tiborpickens

      waaaay too much bronzer?

      • caroline

        Fast food?

        • ChrisDG74

          *WAY too much fast food.

    • teeHee


  • BCbeaut

    I could honestly care less what she looks like I'll always love her haha

  • katastrophe89

    #21 holy bajeezus that doesn't even look like her!! #17 is her best look by far

  • xcfgc

    I didn't really come on here to look at her hair. I was trying to determine how many boob jobs she's had. Everything about this girl screams Too Much!!

  • Catman

    Totally faux Madonna.

  • http://wallpapersmyth.blogspot.com/ John Dick

    #17 Looks great❤

  • Kirstie

    why is she so fat now?

  • anu

    I do not like such types of girl.

  • whatevs

    Funny how we're all screaming for acceptance, but the first chance we get to criticize someone else we jump on it.

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