Coupla things I’ve been craving… (29 photos)

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  • temujin1234
    • mama merce

      I agree

  • Miki

    Can we get a Berry recipe book?

    • Samantha

      Best Idea EVER!!!!!

      • KeeAira

        yes!! lets do this!

        • Max

          It's called

          • Miki

            It's called, I'm more likely to buy it if it has "The Berry" rather than TastyKitchen. Kinda like T-shirts:)

    • Ronn!e

      Wonderful idea!

  • Samantha

    holy cow I can Not wait to try and make everything on here… All these look so delicious Best Coupla things I've been craving post possibly… EVER!!!??!?!?!!?!!!!

  • Ronn!e

    All I have to say is YUM!

  • _Bryan_

    This just made me hungry. Too bad my cooking skills are not that great.

    • Tomb_Raider

      Same. That's why the bf cooks😉

  • Andrea

    I usually bookmark single recopies that I stumble across on the web but I figured it would be more efficient for me to bookmark this whole page instead. It all sounds so delicious!

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