• BrandiNY

    #3, give us the details ahead of time and there may be some chivettes waiting…

  • PicklesMcGee

    heh #30 made me giggle.

  • Ash

    #39 I would.

  • Abbey

    #5 Haha . Love Jon Stewart!

  • Smurfy

    #20 Me on Black Friday. Also "Get to work in the morning, leave work the next morning"😦

  • doerteee

    oh hey there #31❤


    #8 We don't give an Eff about your dork pic.

  • Elise

    Much love #31! Also #24 just made me crave arbys!

  • Meme

    Oh dear #31… How I love thee! Let me count the ways

  • Aaron

    #26 Yup

  • http://twitter.com/MikeFarrell87 @MikeFarrell87

    # 2 Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell (married then, now divorced), on El Cap. Two of the best free climbers anywhere.

    They're totally bolted to the wall and tied into their harnesses; they're not going anywhere.

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