• http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

    OMFG, the title of this made me think he'd died!! :O

  • http://www.seattleairportlimoandtowncar.com/ Bronwyn Callender

    Hahaha! Nice! I like your choice of topic.I found just what I was ndeeed, and it was entertaining!This article is a home run, pure and sipmle!

  • Cyn

    THANX Berry! I enjoyed this. Mike Meyers is one of my favs:-)

  • Anonymous

    umm #6 is Jim Carrey not Mke Myers.

  • Hollie

    #6 Love that I wasn't the only one that had the same thought!

  • katie

    what happened to mike meyers?! haven't heard anything about him in a while and this post made me miss him!

  • Deebs

    #6 Is Jim Carrey… not Mike Myers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0170016/

    • heyyyy

      That is not Jim Carrey….
      That's umm…Mike Myers

    • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

      Dude, that is Mike Meyers. What does the Grinch have to do with that picture?

      • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

        :) they deleted the grinch pic that was there when it was first posted, Which made poor Deebs look like an idiot😛

  • Jimbo

    Man I hated those live-action/cgi dr seuss movies

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