• http://www.uspowermoving.com/ Brandon Alarcon

    Simple but interesting blog post I must say. I’ve just added your RSS to my google reader!

  • Jade

    #4 made me walk out the door. Thanks berry!

  • Claire

    Its getting so cold now that when I go outside for long runs, my skin freezes, but I don't feel it until I stop running. But if I wear warmer clothes I will sweat like crazy. Bah.

    • Amy

      Same problem! Which is why you don't stop๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jen

      i know its expensive, try getting some cold weather gear. it helps.

  • Lorna

    #1 and #2
    Thanks for this! I'm embarking on my first winter of running ever… The cold weather is no excuse!

  • bkibbs

    Am I the only one that noticed DM went from 16 to 22 pictures? Love it!

  • JSV


  • Justhrowit

    22 is way better than 16!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    #10 So gorgeous..

    • Kato

      I gotta get me a goofy girl…

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #17 Definitely motivates me to get off my ass after work so I can get a girl like that. Wow..

  • KeepinCalm

    #10 Dirty and gorgeous. Is that a feather or a wild hair?

  • jamie

    #11 I must go, my kitchen needs me !!

    • Jenny Michele

      You must go, your sad little life needs you.

  • Sarah

    oh hey #18๐Ÿ˜‰

  • AmberGrl

    #4 Got me out to the gym this morning. Needed that motivation!

  • Danno

    #10 Kept scrolling back up to this one. Beautiful

  • SOhioChiver

    #10…I love dirty girls

  • Kato

    #14 Or you can just do squats.

  • Kato

    #22 I think its meant to be 165 lbs which is welterweight. 65lbs for a dude and you'll be wrecked in the ring. Good luck on your fight brotha!

    • 519

      It says "-65lbs". As in his current weight minus 65 lbs. As in he lost 65lbs. And he is now 65lbs lighter.

  • Lyle

    #9 i just signed up for one of these yesterday.

  • dirtysteve

    #1 Says the guy who lost how many extremities to frostbite?

    • Monster

      We don't talk about that.

  • Orukal

    #11 THAT is an awesome stride.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #20 – looks delicious.

  • VanCan

    #7: I could eat that ALL right now… Yummm

  • punkie panda

    just saying put a picture of honey boo boo mom everyday i i‘ll be running to the gym everyday

  • Suggie

    #8 Now I'm not saying this is wrong. However, if you cannot solve some of your problems today, go for a run. And run. And run.
    You will not always be able to solve all your problems. But if you keep running (in the literal sense), you just might be fit enough to outlive some of them!
    Some of what you think are big problems at 25 you will laugh about at 40.
    So. Run.

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