Gorgeous TV gals (26 photos)

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  • mean

    #5 <3<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • McWhitey

    26 white girls. What a revelation. De mateo, Garth, Drescher??? They're how much better than Lucy Liu, Maggie Q, Grace Park

    • Bobby

      F off! Go peddle your racist crap elsewhere. Why does everything always have to be about race?

      • krypto092108

        Kristen Kreuk is part Chinese. Get over yourself, Butt hurt freak.

        • McWhitey

          Hey stupids! Learn to read posts…I was saying that's great. Those 26 chicks are great. F*ck learn to read before you slam, Bro!

          • krypto092108

            I was talking to Bobby, You butthurt Freak. NOT YOU. YOU LEARN TO READ, PERIOD.

  • hi mom

    no Julie Bowen? You've lost my respect berry

    • jenn

      but she's all surgery! look at her from happy gilmore, she looks like a different person

  • Sarah

    #24 – Also Beauty and the Beast!

    • ale

      she is really pretty, perfect for that role.

  • maggie

    no love for emilia clarke from game of thrones? total babe
    has a relatable body and gorgeous face, made me rethink guys…for like 10 sec

  • kate

    Ninaaaaaa!! so beautiful!!! #8

  • nayala

    #11 loved her in OTH

  • Isaburd

    #24 Number one girl crush now and forever!!!

  • me1989

    Kristin Kreuk…most beautiful woman ever.

  • inkstained
  • http://www.ocalacountryventures.com Gypsy

    Kreuk, Hewitt and Thiessen all have current shows!

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