• Rachel :)

    #39 Mmmmm c'mere!!❤

  • Mary

    #33 gotta love the Goldens!

  • Marz

    #32 My mam passed away when I was 15. Thats five years ago..so I feel your pain. Stay strong❤

  • trillaryduff

    #39 yes. yes. YES!

  • Hope

    #31 and #37

  • Sonia

    #4 and #25 had me cracking up! Great ideas! Also, #33 where do i get these adorable things for my adorable golden retrievers?!

  • Danielle

    lovin' all the Canadians on theBerry this morning
    Awesome Idea! mo' money is the best money!
    Definitely HMOTB material!!!

  • Kate

    #4 you are hilarious and I love you

  • tinacious

    #37 Is that not Shannon Kook-Chun?

    • Tami

      That what I thought when I saw that! From degrassi right ?!?

  • jeni_necropolis

    #37 is adorable!

  • Anna

    #26 Some people own tents for more than black friday… before there was extreme sales, there was a little activity called camping!:)

  • Helena

    #37 Well, hello!

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    Okay, I have a question. Do you really think something like this is going to happen? I mean, yeah, okay, I understand people have concerns and all that. But doesn’t that mean they should work it out on themselves; try and resolve the problems on their own? Depending on others is ridiculous. Smile

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