• katie

    #7 #15 #6 and #5 i like! pretty:)

  • CanadianChivette

    Hey #13, let me go ahead and bite that for you😉
    I hope the rest of his is as sexy as those lips!!

  • Sarah

    A lot of these I look at, cringe, and say "… Ouch." But hey, more power to them! Who am I to judge? But I think some of them are really nice, especially #7 and #8.

    • dkellyb

      Exactly what I was going to post :p I'm just going to stick to my plain old earlobes…

  • dollybakerton

    i used to have my sternum pierced.. i loved it
    damn surface piercing….

  • verdant_waves

    These just look so painful to me…how would they not get caught on just about everything?

    • jane doe

      They are made with soft edges so they don't snag clothing:)

  • Krystal

    LOVE this post! I've got 31 piercings myself😀

  • Meghan

    i love piercings! i have my nape (the back of my neck) pierced and i love it. it's fully healed.
    i also have several others and tattoos:)

  • Cece

    Ak! Some are so cute, surfaces are adorable but I don't have the guts. This makes me want more piercings but I can't do facial ones and my ears are running out of space!

  • Apples

    Sooo pretty! My dermal on my sternum is about 4 days old now:) I love it

  • TwinCitiesGirl

    Umm perhaps a NSFW tag Berry? on account of #4

    • Amber

      They have entire post of shirtless guys, how is this any different?

    • Technician

      NSFW, really?

    • Erin

      How about "No". Nothing NSFW here.

  • Lisa

    #11 So pretty!

  • tara

    iI skipped from simple ear to nipples it hurt like hell and and when iI had to take them put iI got them re done thinking it couldnt be as bad ….. wrong so now im to scared to get any more but I love #15 & #7 if iI had the balls

  • Sonia

    Like them all except #12 and #13.

  • nicki

    #4 and #13….just made me want to run out and get some more….ugh-yum….

  • Ari

    This may sound stupid but how do they even do stuff like #15?? Where's the other end?! Looks cool, though!

    • cash

      It's called a dermal anchor. The back of the piercing is like a flat hook.

  • samanthalin88

    #7 I had that done for awhile, they just wouldn't heal and became super painful and ended up developing scar tissue. Sucks because they are so darn adorable!

  • kleigh

    I have #7 and love love it! Took 7 months to heal though!!!

    • GracieB

      Are those dermals? Or do they go all the way through?

      • kleigh

        All the way through.

  • Sloane

    I have ten piercings, four in each ear, and my nipples. I used to have dermals in the dimples in my back and I reallyyyyyy advise against them. Mine snagged on my jeans and guys would poke them when I danced with them. They are a bad investment. They're really only practical if you live at the beach or constantly wear rather revealing clothing.

  • katastrophe89

    Love the jewelry in #11
    Also I've never seen ones like #15 I love it!

  • Wisti

    Now that I've seen #15 I want it done. I love her selection of jewelry!
    #5 seems good at pulling piercings off as well:)

  • nattyann

    #5 god help me i love lip rings.

  • Helena

    #1 #15 Love it

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