#30 Awesome


    #31 Awesome-r

  • verdant_waves

    #28 is cute

  • RachLapchak

    Yay the yellow roses (#6) are mine! Such a sweet surprise from him.:)

  • Lorna

    No, co-workers, of course I'm not crying.
    It's just raining on my face. In the office.

  • Sarah

    #28 is awesome.

  • ann

    i want to know the story behind #28!

  • http://twitter.com/cupc4ke Courtney

    Holla! #8 is my boyfriend and I! And #31 is too freakin' cute!

    • Wisti

      why the bow?…

  • Stef

    #16 looks like he's holding a can of Pilsner. Gotta love Pil.

  • Chelsea

    #17 looks like me but i know it isn't still completely blew my mind

  • Lisa

    #12 Beaufort is beautiful! I always stop by the shelton church ruins when I'm there, its so beautiful and historic! Hunting Island is very close and is a lovely beach:)

  • emily

    #2 is my #1 & i! whooop!

    dang… we really do look like brother & sister…

  • Devan

    Baaahhhhhh #28 is so cute I could die!

  • Kelsey

    I really want to copy #1 for Christmas cards. Cute picture! #30 as well

  • BrandiNY

    I literally stopped in my tracks at #31 its soooooo beautiful! (why is there never tissue around this office…geez)

  • holly

    #18 is my boyfriend and I:)

  • Madi

    Ironically, I sent this photo in over three months ago. Since then, he has harassed me, threatened me, and is spreading vicious rumors about me in order to make me quit my job.
    Thanks to him, though, I've learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I was.

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