• http://twitter.com/Ms_Stingray @Ms_Stingray

    #2 MORE PLEASE!!!!

  • Meghan

    really? i found this hilarious and laughed out loud at work! showed some co-workers and they also found it hilarious!

  • dollybakerton

    #13 #14 #16 #18 #20

    and my personal fave (and phone screen background) #8 ..alec *swoooon*

    • dollybakerton


  • chivettebecky

    #14 is all I need!

  • Daniella

    I'm a sucker for a beard😉

  • Mel

    GodDAMN I love a ginger beard.

  • rocklesson86

    So today is the day were I might actually like the full beard. Normally I just like the scruff or a clean shave.

  • ana

    #20 is Brazilian actor Marcos Pitombo.

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