• Chantel

    *Sigh* There goes 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Britney Spears you have saddened me deeply😦

    • skully

      I'm surprised you could watch the whole thing. That wasn't music. That was garbage.

  • harrydop
  • Angela

    When did Britney become British?

  • caait_e

    what's with the weird madonna accent?

  • Kirsti

    Oh my god. Rebecca black was better than that circus sideshow.

  • socalmarti

    Ummmm….. Britney<3!!!

  • Marvelous

    I could only stand a minute of it. Is it me or was Britney doing the same moves she did in music videos ten years ago?

  • WTF

    wil.i.am needs to lose that ugly ass hat!

  • Gina

    Product placement. Product placement everywhere.

  • drt

    My dog started growling when I played this.

  • jane doe

    The two best singers who can repeat 5 words in an artistic manner.

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