• socalmarti

    #22 Keep up the great job!!!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!❤😀

  • KB3

    would love a list of top fitness apps! i love the couch to 5k app, and would love to see what other berries are using

    • Jen

      i use fitnesspal to record calories! i love it.

    • doerteee

      I've been using runtastic pro for a few months and I really like it because I love statistics. It tracks how long and how fast (and where) I run and all sorts of other things and you can have it tell you your stats periodically (like, after every mile or whatever you like).
      You can also set up intervals and it will tell you when to do what. And you can control your music from within the app.

      • Anne

        Lose it! is also a great app to record your calorie intake and your exercise!

        • MattGarcia

          Good call, Anne! I was just about to recommend Lose It! I've lost 56 pounds since May. Once I lose 100 more, I'm submitting it to The Berry. I've learned that calorie intake and doing exercise I enjoy is bringing me success. The hardest part is staying motivated during weight loss plateaus and working through them. Good luck to everyone chasing their health goals!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #1 #9 & #13 shall be my monthly motivational mantras for December. Thanks theBerry.

  • Dawn Knaebel

    #9 & # 21went out to the girls at work today!

  • Bobby

    Working on her snatch no doubt.

  • Lauren

    #11 is Portland! Ah, I love Oregon. What a beautiful place to live. It sure helps keep me motivated:)

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