Gift ideas for the ones you love (27 photos)

Click HERE to see a gift guide for the men in your life.

  • twilightkills

    I didn't know how much I wanted #20 until I saw it

    • Wisti

      I hope people who buy that wash their hands occasionally…especially after putting very important files on it ^_^

  • socalmarti

    Is it wrong that I want #2 and I'm 36? I mean, I made the same face as the little girl and everything!!!!

    • HarleyQ

      It's ok I want them too and I'm 28😛

      • TwinCitiesGirl

        I want it, too!

  • Jill

    #1 This would actually be an awesome boyfriend present…

  • Cowboy1354

    #12 Someone get these for me!

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