Jude Law: ‘I know I’m not that young sort of pretty thing anymore’ (7 photos)

Click HERE for Jude’s Eye Candy

  • Samantha

    umm…am I the only one who thinks he's actually way "prettier" now? Keep it up, Jude❤ definitely delish eye candy.


    • verdant_waves

      Definitely agree.

  • Lolly

    I like grown-up men, not 'pretty boys'.

  • Lisa

    #6…oye. Yeah. Still would. On any day that ends in Y. Wow.

  • nayala

    #5 still very good looking!

  • xoxo

    See, the thing is, Jude, we as women like men as they age. We allow men to age without the dreaded names like "Crypt Keeper" or "hag". We like our men sans plastic surgery. We like the crows feet and wrinkles on a man. All those things women aren't allowed to have no matter how old we get.

  • Jayetheb

    Yeah… He is still my "celebrity cheat"….


  • Sarah

    Still sexy as hell.

  • Mel

    He could stick one up my pooper any day of the week

    • jane doe

      I lol'd

  • Lisa

    #7 Sweet jesus this is beautiful.

  • Ander

    Oh come on, Jude! You know you're still catnip to the ladies, perhaps more than ever as most women love older guys. You're fishing for compliments with that quote.

  • Dith

    Dear god what a gorgeous beard on a gorgeous man.

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