Funky Friday Fashion (22 photos)

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  • InstallHappy

    I want #17

    • Zoe

      i have it. its not as cool as you think. its almost inconvenient

  • monica


  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I can just picture #7 saying, "Moisturize me."

  • becky

    that winged ball is a snitch. that’s all

  • Sarah

    #16 – AKA, a Golden Snitch necklace? Golden winged ball. Come on now.

    • Leigh

      The makers probably couldn't call it that for legal reasons is my guess

  • Ashley

    #19 is awesome! I wish there was a source😦

  • socalmarti

    #1 is actually pretty bad ass!!!

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  • ale

    i actually like #1

  • katastrophe89

    I love #14:)

  • Scott

    Our friend Jason Osborne does kick ass custom shoes! Check out his work on his Pinterest and Facebook pages!

  • justme

    #3 I know what Mac is getting for Hannukah. :-)

  • Ronn!e

    Lol Cassandra

  • Ronn!e

    #17 wannnnttt!!!❤

  • Andy1966

    # 11 Gorgeous, model and shoes!

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