More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (26 photos)

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  • alex

    #23 I bought one of those for my sister for her birthday, along with a load of other cupcake making devices

    • Anna

      Is it that different from an apple corer?

      • twilightkills

        Not very? The apple ones are just usually a lot taller and aren't completely enclosed. You could probably use an apple one for a cupcake anyway.

  • twilightkills

    I would have to say that #25 is one of the greatest things I've ever gotten to use.

    • Via

      Why not just an ice cream scoop in that size? We use those and they work just fine.

      • twilightkills

        I think it might just be because a lot of ice cream scoops come without the little scraping bit?
        But whatever works works! (:

  • Brittany

    seems like a great idea, but the colour of the toothbrush in that picture turns me off from the whole thing! it looks like a dogs chew toy or something!!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #14 A priceless masterpiece given my addictions to coffee, accessories and the environment

  • Bubble

    Pampered chef also has #25…love mine! My daughter uses this when we make cookies together

  • dakari84

    #26 I want it. I'd probably only use it about half as much as I think I would, but I kinda still want it.

  • Sonia

    #19 is so ugly! Who would ever want a lamp that looks like pipes sticking out of your wall/floor? That goes with no design scheme ever.

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