• http://twitter.com/BecauseDan @BecauseDan

    #20 .. you are awesome. KCFC from number 25 =] some of us live to inspire and you inspire us to live.

  • MelyRod

    Please find #39!!:) yummy eye candy

  • xoxo

    #28 Big Dick looks tired. And oh look, he brought his "pool boy".

  • kait

    #20 love and good wishes sent your way! Wish you the best!



    • magentapyramid

      Pardon the pun but Picky, Picky!

  • Hepburn3

    What a beautiful looking man.:)

  • http://twitter.com/AnjelaSargent @AnjelaSargent

    I am totally okay with this, but youuu sir are not wearing pants ;D

  • Helena

    #13 NEED!

  • kristin

    #10 you hold on to that guy

  • tabbilynn

    #8 most amazing dad EVER!
    #24 there is a very big difference!

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