• josh

    #6 something tells me they might already know

    • Kel

      You'd be surprised how easily people ignore issues with boys and men.

    • teeHee

      Men have the same self esteem issues as women, they're just not as vocal about it. Media influences everyone.

    • MamaBear

      Please tell them. They will be shocked, disappointed, frightened, hurt and feel deceived. But because they love you, they will know that losing you would be more devastating than all those other feelings combined, so they will support you.
      Please, as a mother I ask, tell them.

  • PicklesMcGee

    okay not to sound like an old fart here… cause I'm all for pissing off random strangers (when it's lighthearted and funny) but #1 can actually be quite dangerous:-/

    • thaomeow

      As soon as I read it, I couldn't help but say out loud, "What a dick." Another annoying thing is when people DON'T turn on their blinkers.

      • Emily

        Agree and agree…both are equally annoying! And dangerous…the number of times I've almost run into another car on a roundabout because they haven't bothered to indicate….grrr

  • justlilolme

    sounds kind of funny if you do it on long stretches of the highway

  • socalmarti

    #2 My mother has Narcissistic personality disorder, I can relate!

    • Portlandy


  • hi mom

    #1 you must live in Dallas

    • ann

      i love this comment!!!

      • Ari


  • Eisencrest

    #1 Way to cause an accident. :c

  • Ari

    #1 Well it works! I wanted to freaking punch you in the face. But it's not even a question of sense of humor, you could be causing accidents. Don't be an a-hole.

  • Mary

    #1 not a problem, I'll just rear end you to turn it off:)

  • Karen

    #1 Anyone who likes to do things to anger other people is absolutely a bad person. Reveling in being a bad person is deplorable.

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  • Mirafin

    So, what if the person making it is a professional seamstress? Or maybe isn't professional but still has been doing it for years, has a great deal of skill, and knows what they are doing? Is that still bad?

  • xoxo

    Only 8 pictures. I feel gyped.

  • Castiel

    #7 I know exactly what you feel like. I hated the four years I was there. Don't give up.

    • GGG

      I absolutely hate college too, just one more year then I'm free!

  • Random stranger

    #7 chances are others in your class feel the EXACT same way. Talk to them, even a "hi!" can start a convo and lead to friendship.

    • Tomb_Raider

      I met my bf in college as well as some great friends. But yes, it can be lonely!

  • Tomb_Raider

    If it looks like that, yes!

  • lol

    #1 just keep telling everyone that you are doing it on purpose. nobody would suspect a woman to be a bad driv… oh wait

  • http://lolthis.com sharleen

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  • Wisti

    Why only 8 photos?😦 This is my favorite and only thing I care about on theberry AND they missed last week.

  • Boop

    # 7 i know that feel… had a bit of a crappy time growing up so i missed out on the whole friendship/ social thing and i have no idea how to make friends… people just seem to instantly hate me or avoid me : i've changed my attitude, clothes etc but nothing works… i left college twice because i just couldn't cope, especially with the whole 'group' activities😦 …. went to the Open University so I could get an education but now the government's changed their funding i've had to quit that as well… recently been trying to sort out my future but a lot of careers i want would involve me going back to college and proper uni but i know i can't do that😦 stupid qualifications😛

    • Emily

      I'm studying with the Open Uni…why not carry on? It's a lot cheaper than going to an actual university and I've managed to make friends within my tutor group. Don't give up:)

      • Boop

        because it costs £800 odd per course under the transitional arrangements, not £100 ish- £600 ish like it used to… (law courses i remember costing a lot more but i didn't study them)…. sure it's cheaper than normal uni but when your bills come to £1000 ish a month and i'm lucky to earn £800 on 60 hour weeks then it's kind of impossible to carry it on which under the transitional arrangements i'd have to… my only other option was to take out a proper government loan which is why i didn't go to actual uni or i think they offer some sort of funding but they messed up my forms constantly til way after the due date so i just gave up….:)

        • Emily

          Oh, yes…I think a couple of the people in my group were just studying individual modules, but changed over because of the higher fee charge. It is a bit unfair really, but I suppose no one would do a degree course if the individule courses were cheaper:/ Well, perhaps you'll be able to pick it up again some point in the future…

          • Boop

            well I was studying for a degree because the modules were cheap and I could study in my own time and work instead of cutting 3-4 years out of my life with the small possibility of getting a part time job and not save any money…
            … it's just another way the government wants to hinder and screw over anyone who's trying to get somewhere in life… same shit, different day and all that jazz….😛

  • http://www.masinibune.net vanzariauto

    #1 ha, ha, just winter

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