Shirtless friday (31 photos)


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  • justme

    #28 Dear God!

  • Chivette

    # 30 MOAR and find him puh puh please find him!!!

  • Leah

    My gosh.

  • Jessica

    #26 Do you think Santa will bring me him for Christmas?! That is my ideal body type for a man!

  • Carmella

    Honestly, I am drooling excessively right now. #19? HOLY MOLY! *sigh* me want.

  • nik

    I F'ING LOVE SHIRTLESS FRIDAY!! Just sayin' lol

  • brainsock
  • brainsock
  • Theresia

    Shirtless Friday, will you be my BFF?

  • Gorgeous Lover

    Berry I love all the selection of hot men you post.

  • ThigWife

    #19….please clean in up a little bit..if you don't then I am bring back full bush damnit!!

  • Kali

    #10 #26 and i see some serious dick in #28 haha

  • Amy

    #14… Berry me!!! ;)

  • rocklesson86

    Dam I #28 makes me feel like a fucking slut. I want to get on my knees and just suck.

  • Sil love n lavish

    Great job with these picks! Damn sexy and hot! Thank YOU!

  • Kbs

    Who is number 28??????? Omg my eyes just can't stop staring :$ :p

  • stuscott

    #19,#24,#15,#18,#16 – My top 5 hot boys this week, once again the hairy ones dominate. My fav is absolutely scrumptuous and the others have sensational chests, wish I could see more of 15, because his chest is amazing!!!!

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