• Man Meat


  • Geen

    Oh, that made my day.

  • http://twitter.com/Mel_Fab @Mel_Fab

    Holy Jesus! All of you! Amazing!

  • Yvie

    Oh, naughty! #28

    • xoxo

      It's not nice to tease.

    • inkstained

      I just can't look away.

  • socalmarti

    #19 and #28…. Side note I live in a surf community and I see hot guys doing this all of the time, always feel like such a pervy perv when I watch!!! LOL! Trying not to watch too much!!!😉

    • Yoko Dannon

      Girl don't feel guilty! You better get your vouyer on! B)

  • Vellie

    #5 Sooooooooooooooo hot!

  • bas

    #19 Find him.

    • Princess

      …and shave him.

      • Chelsea

        Oh no!! He's gorgeous as is!!:)

      • dollybakerton

        are you facked Princess?!?!?!? ;P
        men are hairy beings and i love iiiiit!

        ps :: not meaning to be bitchy😀

      • mrshelderman

        I love me a hairy man, but I agree he needs a trim down there!

    • brainsock
  • kalena

    While adapting to the single life, I'm grateful for posts like these. Reminds me why it's a good thing!
    #8 could watch all dayy and be satisfied

  • teeHee

    #11 nice sock toolbag

  • heatharrgh

    Great gallery today. Collect all 31!

  • waitingfordeluxe

    #30 Perfect. Absolutely perfect! More please:)

  • southernbelle22

    America's never been so hot


  • jazzberry

    #1 and #12 to go please

  • heyyyy

    Berry me….please?

  • Anna

    #2 and # 29 yum! Shirtless Friday's rock my world:)

  • https://www.buygreencoffeeextract.com/ Vanita

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect! More please

  • alexis

    yummy i want to take home #1 #21 #16 #12 #11 #30 #4

  • Chelsea

    #31 is about to make me drool!! The mystery of not seeing his face or chest is driving me crazy!! Loving the muscles we can see though!!!❤

  • Staci

    Not that I don't appreciate some eye candy – but I do like a man who partakes in faithful manscaping… :-)

    • dollybakerton

      in the crotchal (real word?) region, yes haha
      chest, NO WAY:)

  • xoxo

    "I don't like a man with too many muscles." -Janet Weiss
    "I didn't make him for YOU!" – Frank-N-Furter

  • CanadianChivette

    Okay.. To all of you fine specimens, bravo! But am I the only one who thinks some of these guys take it just a little far? I don't wanna feel like I'm running my fingers on a wall when I touch your chest and stomach.. I like that "in the works" stage, when there is some nice definition, but they don't look like they're pieced together.

    • MoMeRob

      I have the ability to never look like this… so it's nice to think it's possible.

  • Joe

    #19 and #28

    Damn! MOAR!!

  • dollybakerton

    GIVE ME MOAR OF ALL OF THESE HUNKS.. well done Berry, well done

  • nicki

    #21 and #31….you just made my friday fantabulous.

  • katy

    i have a tank with the exact same print as #17 's boxers.

    • ThigWife

      I don't like the glossy look

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