• Dani

    #11 o my, never realized that

    • Lyra

      That must've been awkward….

  • Tina

    #43 is so awesome

    • who

      some people must be really bored… funny though😉

  • Jemima


  • AreJay

    #52 What kind of dog is this? It's adorable!

    • Baxpin

      A polar bear?

  • socalmarti

    #28 Macs BFF.

  • Wisti

    #52 lol you convinced him to get the puppy. Meaning he didn't really want it but hoped it'd shut you up. I love that you're following the typical girl idiocy of "let's get a puppy…so I can pretend we're married and have kids already".

    • katastrophe89

      Or maybe she just really wanted a puppy….asshole.

    • Lisamarie

      Wisti is so right. The boyfriend didn't have motivation to find a new gf so gave in to puppy, he figures he's still getting action…these things always end bad and a fight ensues over the dog.

    • Thing1

      lol what do you call someone who talks like Wisti? Single.
      Keep spreading the bitter, I'm sure it's doin' you a lot of good.
      p.s. sorry for whoever screwed you over.

  • katastrophe89

    #41 made me lawl so hard

  • Erika

    #20 #55 moar !!!!

  • Rachel

    #11 whaaaaattt…

  • French Chivette

    #25 Handsome boy…

  • yeabuddy

    #32 Hang tough there Jamie, you'll kick it's ass!

  • tabbilynn

    #45 hello Christian Grey. Very good looking:)

    • Christian derp

      Why thank you

      • Kaitttt

        I find it quite amusing your name is also Christian. Very good looking for 30 I must say.

        • Christian derp

          You berries are so sweet:)

  • L. Brown

    #11 Who cares?

  • Bobby

    #29, Awkward. Why is that guy kissing a black woman's pregnant belly?

    • Suzanah

      …I believe they're a couple

      • Raya Poppy

        I believe Bobby's trying to transfer 9gag salty jokes here, but berries find them offensive.

  • LaLa

    #38 – I'm twenty and lost my momma last year, i know how you feel. Keep strong, Berry Love! x

    • lynn

      hey berry girls, I'm 23, lost my mom suddenly 2 1/5 years ago. it does get better, missing her never stops, but thinking of the good times and smiling when you think of her gets easier. much love to both of you!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #37 I just love it:-)

  • spitfire

    #14 hate when that happens!! and #40 love your son's name!! One of my fav. childhood movies. (Never ending story)

  • dysosmia

    #34 -LIKE! (:

  • NinaOwen

    #7 he's wearing a shirt from Costa Rica. It has our national beer brand's logo on it.
    Greetings from CR!

  • Kalikalynn

    #7 is too adorable! HMOTB for sure:)

  • brittany

    #45 I would! and #45 made me lol

  • brittany

    #43 made me lol oops

  • liz

    #45 oh my! He makes me excited to turn thirty

  • Carms


  • xoxo

    #15, so… I'm guessing the "love" wasn't the fiance?

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