• dakari84

    #4 looks delicious. Couldn't agree with #6 more, but it's so hard to give up. Help! I'm addictied. :-/

  • Suggie

    #22 & #16 Congratulations! I am in awe of people who work so hard.
    #12 my dream is my daughter running her first 5k with me in Spring! I think it is wonderful when parents can motivate their children.
    It is so often children who despair at parents who have given up and think they are too old 'to change'.

  • Mary

    #5 OMG that's so awesome!! I can do 2.75 miles in 30 minutes and I thought that was good LOL.

    • socalmarti

      Think that might be an over exaggeration, she would've had to of been sprinting the whole time and have incredilby long lengs. She would be doing 6 min. miles? I don't think so. IF SO she needs to be at Olympic trials.

      • John80

        It's definitely possible. I don't see any reason to doubt what she is saying.

        • socalmarti

          Possible definently exxageration for a woman, also. Would need to know more about training,supplements and diet.

    • doerteee

      lol I ran my first 5k in 33 minutes and I thought that was decent enough!

  • socalmarti

    #22 Beyond Awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • perfumeorpoison

    i love tips like #6, anybody knows where I can find more of those?

    • Tamminy

      Daily motivation…… Check archives

  • Disco

    #1 makes me wish I were back home so I could run in the snow.

    #9 and #12 just make me want to run, in general. I think I know how I am spending my morning.:)

    I like posts like today's because they focus more on athleticism and the joy of running than on weight loss. (And the before/after pictures are of actual people who are happy with their successes, instead of Photoshop.) Fitness, not thinspo! Love it.

  • Sonia

    Good work, #5
    Something's wrong with #15.

    • Savannah

      What is wrong with it?

      • Sonia

        Did you read it? 4th line down. What does that say?

        • Chrissy

          nobody pities you for procrastinating, broken line goes from 3rd to 5th lines

          • Sonia

            Sorry, I didn't realize it said PITIES because the ITI was connected to look like an M.

  • John80

    #3 I think it's a common misconception that you need to do lots of crunches and ab work to see your abs. I would simplify this list to: "Burn more calories". Especially for women, you'll get better "abs" by doing more cardio and fewer crunches!

    • Ley

      totally agree, biiiig myth!

  • Erin

    #17 Love Pop Pilates!

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