Sunday brunch (60 photos)


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  • cutecute

    #35 is so cute!! :)

  • PeyKonzloas
  • Dani

    #22 so cute!

  • Bon_nie

    #48 Love this guy :D

  • andy

    #39 #42 #40 screw diet let's eat

  • ScottishYankee

    I'm sure it is the best, until you wake up at 2 am to go pee and stub your foot on it.

    • John80

      All I could think about was how much it would hurt to trip over that.

  • carly

    #47 more like what would I pay off. Although a little cottage would be nice

  • Suggie

    #47 I'd by a house with at least 4 floors and make 1 floor a dance studio where my phenominally gifted friend can teach dance to the many disadvantaged children in my area. 1 floor would be a theater for them to get acting lessons. 1 floor a chill out room and 1 floor a big room where adults can learn to read and write, without being made to feel like freaks.
    (And then, my friend, I'm buying a ticket to Namibia to spend a month being spoiled rotten by my sister!) <3

  • Ronn!e

    #5 lmao!!!
    #13 yes I do!

  • KTmess

    #39 Poor avocados. They're over here trying to be all healthy and all I'm thinking is, "You'd be delicious on a big greasy-ass burger."

  • Sara

    #27 What do you feed that cat?

  • RedNinja

    #47 I would buy a first class plane ticket to #58

  • Logette

    Recipe for #42 anyone?

  • LGreen

    Where are #58 and #59?

    • thepostcollegeblog

      The Amalfi Coast in Italy? Just a guess, but it looks like where I visited

    • Krissy

      That's the Greek island of Santorini – I was there a few years ago and I can say it's even more spectacular in person!

  • nayala

    #5 and #34 dang sad day for dora lol

  • Tomb_Raider

    #38, NOM! And #60 :-p

  • Abbey

    #27 Holy hell that cat is huge ! I thought it was a dog at first !!

    • xoxo

      My big fat orange kitty is probably this big. He's a big 16lb boy.
      Plus this kitty is closer to the camera and that is a small child.

  • lovetheberry

    #47 I would buy a cottage, a horse and than take my mother-in-law to disney world since that is her last wish (to take her and her whole family) and she is very sick.

  • Kaylie R.

    #47. I would pay off my mother's mortgage. Then, I'd rebuild her house so that it's NOT falling apart, and put the rest into my son's College fund. Okay, I'd also take a trip to Europe. :)

  • perfumeorpoison

    #9 looks wonderful!!! #12 is super adorable and #24 is funny and a bit freaky :D

  • Cee

    Is #9 Guelph?

    • Lane

      Looks like it! I walk that trail everyday!

      • Joe

        Alumi walk- so pretty

  • verdant_waves

    #47 would pay off my Mother's mortgage, my car, buy or build an awesome house, get an MBA and then open my own doggie daycare. I'd probably throw in a vacation somewhere in there, and the rest would go into savings/investments.

  • Montana

    #47 pay off my dads medical bills so he could afford all his medications, instead of having to skip some so he can buyfood

  • Sonia

    #12 Congratulations on your adorable new puppy. I think I stared at the picture for five minutes straight. Golden puppies are my favorite. Even if he does have some poodle in him.
    #47 A house…

  • Zuza

    #23 is it just me or that picture is super creepy?

  • Carli


    UofG? me too! :)

  • zpadilla

    #47 Give half to charity. pay off my parents debt, then send them on a beautiful trip. Put some aside to pay for my siblings education. Give myself a house and a car, and a trip around the world. :D

  • LGG

    #12 is SO adorable!!
    #33 who is that please? :)
    #51 loool!

  • PicklesMcGee

    Can someone explain the origin of #7? Like, why did people start hiding pics of nic cage as a prank? I just don't get it lol.

  • Jay

    #37 What is this from? Anyone?

    • Charlotte

      It's Hannah Hart. She is just a delight :)

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