Anne Hathaway: Women ‘get pressure to define ourselves by how wild we are’ (24 photos)

Anne Hathaway talked to Glamour Magazine about how females have a raw deal.

“We get pressure to define ourselves as women by how wild we are: How many guys did you sleep with? How drunk did you get?”

Check out more interview highlights below:

She won’t shop until 2013: “I looked at my life when I was on my honeymoon, which was gorgeous, and I thought, I need nothing. I’m not buying myself a single thing for the rest of this year.”

She’s a competitive actress: “I like to fight for a job. You feel like you’ve emerged from the scrap, and you’re like, ‘OK, this one’s mine. Did it. Done.’”

On memories: “When I think back to some of the most fun nights in my life, it was just me out dancing.”

On training for The Dark Knight Rises: “I don’t go the soy-meat route; I have a really plant-based diet. So I wind up cooking at home a lot. Kale is amazing. Spelt [a kind of wheat] pasta is amazing. I can’t do the white-flour stuff. It makes me really ill.”

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  • Mallory

    ❤ her.

  • ADL

    It's really easy to say that you aren't going to buy yourself anything when as an actress you get tons of free stuff and when you already have a gorgeous house. I hate when celebrities think they are "down to earth"

    • EMA

      I hate when normal people judge how "down to earth" a person is based on their celebrity status and/or net worth.

      • Ari

        Yeah if I had tons of money it would be really, really hard not to shop every day!:)

  • sjchemie

    #22 where's her armpit?

  • socalmarti

    #21 I love her and can't wait for Les Miz!!!

  • Sarah

    I love her hair all jagged and crazy like it is in the first few pictures! I thought she looked awful with the short hair all calm and combed. THIS is how she should wear it! #2, #4

  • ashhippo

    She's definitely in my top 5 girl crushes #13

  • AlistZ

    If she was black, she couldn't be the whitest person in the world, and a superstar here at The White People News

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  • Eisencrest

    Anne is such a sweetie. She definitely maintains the 'theatre kid' vibe that I'm sure she had growing up and all through school. I love her in classical movies and more theatrical films… it's really her element.

    • TwinCitiesGirl

      Did you know ANY theatre kids in high school? Very few of them are "sweet".

  • Anastasia

    She's so pretty! All the time in everything!

  • Richard

    I loved her in the Dark Knight Rises.

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