• Northern

    Even if you remove all the comments about how terrible this post is, they will return. Perhaps it's not the comments you should take down?

    • Erin

      If you look at the actual post, they took down some of the facts, corrected others, and fixed the grammar. The original comments are gone because the original post is gone, and they listened to the commenters.:)

      • Ashley

        Glad to hear! The Berry/Chive has quite a dedicated following. It's nice to know the editors take our opinions into consideration.

    • Pat


  • John

    A lot of these 'facts' are wrong!

    • Cory H

      When adjusted for inflation the Titanic film cost and cost of building the ship itself are Equivalent.

  • Ryan

    Dude, Phineas spells the word in the chorus and you still got it wrong.

  • celkali

    #16 And their true purpose is sinister….

  • DRD

    #10 *their

    • Pat

      And on top of that, I believe this is misinformed. I believe the brain weight to body weight is the ratio of comparison, not the size (dimensions). The brain to body weight ratio is apparently that larger birds have "smaller" brains. But that holds when comparing birds to birds – introducing other classes of animals for comparison changes things significantly.

  • Pat

    #15 Some turtles obtain oxygen via water drawn through their "rears." So, close.

  • Pat

    #13 SOME snails hibernate for a "long" time, such as 3 years or more.

  • Pat

    #12 I can't confirm this. Three of the Marlboro Men died of lung cancer but Mr. Phlip Morris born in 1935 is unknown from my research, Any references lacked source citation.

    • Pat


  • Pat

    #11 Frequent copulation is believed to induce ovulation and very common among the big cats. There is an account of 157 times in a 55 hour period.

  • Pat

    This post is full of partial truths and internet rumors/myths.

  • umbragemagazine

    Aglets, not anglets.

  • Jenny

    wow you people have way to much time on your hands. If you don't like it, click on a new post instead of trying to correct typos. Losers.

  • http://twitter.com/irishvetstudent @irishvetstudent

    What would be more impressive than Lion mating would be facts about sheep mating…just saying it takes all of 3 seconds for the Ram to do his job and he can do it a minimum of 27times/day without decreasing the quality of his sperm. fun fact from a vet student:)

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