• October12

    #4 I would totally buy a house for free food! It better be a X-large pizza!

  • mazzie

    #24 nahh. its cold outside. all good.

  • lulu

    #40 Hotstuff!
    #36 Pretty!

  • Erika

    #12 my mind went to interesting places w your picture. moar?

    • mrshelderman

      He is cute, but I am distracted by the wallpaper.

  • Kelly

    Anyone know where I could get #32?

    • mrshelderman

      Try etsy. I couldn't find the exact one, but there may be something similar.

  • Lauren

    What is this luminate thing? It's about the most annoying thing ever, next to musical ads.

    • Taz

      Its ruining the posts😦

    • KMD

      I agree! Even when you shut the feature off, there is still that stupid icon in the picture!!

    • mrshelderman

      It's so distracting. Maybe if it actually was the same thing it would be worth it.

  • George Zip

    Love Niles & Daphne. #35

    • Hepburn3

      Me too!
      They are one of my all time favourite tv couples!❤

  • Kait

    #33 Christmas list

  • Ele

    #35 Frasier and Golden Girls are my go to re-runs when I'm having a crap day

  • Anna

    Wow, they tell you where you can get everything… but not where I can get #33 lol

  • Rad Reno

    #18 oh the things we would dooo

  • Andi

    #33 Yessss. Jason Stackhouse. What a beauty

  • Chi Chiver

    What is the source? this is great!

  • http://twitter.com/mandabearbrite @mandabearbrite

    Wait, why is #23 telling me where I can get Hank's glasses and a Versace t-shirt that is clearly not the one he is wearing?

  • Ronn!e

    #24 is too cute! (:

  • brainsock

    #12 – yes you are. now submit more pictures right the eff now.

  • Nataly

    #12.. you are my dream man…

  • http://freshdailydeals.blogspot.com wakanetwork

    # 15 was so meaningful for me. i dedicated this to my husband who complete me.

  • sanjchee

    #3 looks yum!, definitely gotta try that!, #12 moaaaaar, #24 is too funny..

  • Badger

    #31; While the wee Darth Vader is cute, I don't approve of his shirt. First off, a wee one should most definitely not be wearing a shirt that says, "Slut!" on it. Second, no one should make those shirts to begin with. They're very derogatory.

    • Laura

      I thought it said slut at first too….but I think it might say Salut!

  • Jess

    Saw a guy with a tattoo the other day saying "regret nothin"
    How can you forget the 'g'?!!

  • mrshelderman

    Does anyone know who #40 is and where I can get one for myself?

    • Caroline


  • Carrie

    Hahahaha I love 11!

  • penguin slayer

    why am i on the berry? i clicked wrong again didn't I !

  • Meghan

    What show is that?

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