• Kitkatk8

    Lol!! Literal much? Although I can't judge #11 because my stars look like that every time!! Never can quite draw one symmetrically

  • October12

    #18 is so CREPPY!!!!!!


      "Creppy"? Ummmmm, you should not write on cakes either.

  • PicklesMcGee

    i kind of like #15:-) lol

  • verdant_waves

    What is #15 supposed to be? It looks like they were going for some kind of animal/tree stump hybrid.

    • jwnj

      #15 looks like an 80s cartoon character I have seen before. I just cant think of the name. I had a small plastic red toy that looked just like this. HMMM… does anyone know?

      • juju

        its an armadillo

        • AreJay

          I would agree that it's an armadillo — think Steel Magnolias!

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  • mrshelderman

    #14 does not appear to be a fail to me. In fact I will pay about $70 for one right now!

  • crustybubblechunks
  • Eisencrest

    Some of these are obvious fails but some I have to wonder about… My brother used to work in the deli at the grocery store and it was right next to the bakery so he'd hear people ordering custom cakes and a lot of people ask the bakers to write inside jokes or whatever… One woman asked for "Happy birthday diarrhea". :I

  • a sweet girl

    i was a cake decorator in a grocery store for a while. customers were INSANE. one lady yelled at me because she wanted a lighter shade of purple for the writing on her cake. another lady yelled at me for putting sprinkles on it even though she didn't tell us she didn't want them. it was awesome. i always wanted to punch people in the face and tell them they were just going to shit it out of their ass. stfu!

    • xoxo

      #3 #2 #13 Yes the general public is atrocious to deal with but some of these are obvious lack of common sense or rational thinking skills mistakes.

      • a sweet girl

        dumb people exist everywhere. i need my own planet!

  • Aklavik16

    #21 is that Dora?

  • Vanessa

    #16 Awesome saying. Wanna use it for next Thanksgiving Day.

    • Mel

      THANK YOU. I couldn't tell if I was retarded or if it really *was* as hilarious as I thought. Now I know.

  • Julia

    #22 Not only does it say "proper" instead of "prosper," the decorations are Star Wars-themed. Spelling fail AND nerd fail.

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  • Jessica

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4809666754… this deserves a spot on your site!

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