Kick start your New Year’s resolution (23 photos + recipes)

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  • TofuBlech!

    Okay, I love you ladies and I love the Berry as much as the Chive. BUT…scrolling through food porn and coming across tofu this and vegan that is a huge turn off. This is two food posts now that have (mostly) left me down so I'm compelled to say something.

    • Coco

      I think these recipes are great! I am a veggie, so I may be a little biased, but just about every recipe you see in magazines or posts are always full of meat! Finding great recipes that aren't is awesome! And while reading it I actually thought to myself 'funny how all the HEALTHY recipes are veggie or vegan'. Obviously there are healthy recipes that contain meat, but even non-veggies could benefit from having a few dishes a week that aren't meat-centred. Not trying to get all preachy, but it's good for you and the environment too – bonus!!!😀

  • Vegetarian

    No way, keep em comin:)

  • Eisencrest

    Love these. I'm a vegetarian but also pretty picky and it can be so hard to find healthy meals I'll actually eat that don't include some kind of meat. I saved a few of these. Thanks!!

  • John80

    I love this stuff. So many of these look amazing. Saved the recipe of at least 3 of them. Thanx, Monique😀

  • Moseph

    I love these too. I'm working at doing gluten free (may have a sensitivity issue) and so I love seeing lots of different kind of recipes.

  • Sarah

    I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan, I'm not trying any new diets and I'm not taking any one thing out of my diet. These last two recipe pages have been AWESOME! Keep them coming! But really, the posts CAN have a recipe or two with meat in them. Not all meat is bad for you, especially when prepared correctly.

  • Ash

    Wow so normally when I see these posts I see a few I like and then a bunch I don't, but I really love EVERYTHING on this list. I think my new years resolution is going to be making everything on here at least once! Maybe I'll find some good ones to keep making all the time.

  • Ruxandra

    Great recipes! I was actually planning on making cauliflower soup this week and the Roasted Cauliflower and Asiago Soup recipe looks perfect! Thanks for sharing these recipes with us and also thanks for featuring Gourmandelle!


  • Jessie

    This has to be the best food post I've seen. \Pin all.

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