• carm

    #21 Holy cute outfit, batman!

  • taylor hubbard

    #'s 19 & 22 is our girl Rowan Kaye! Thanks, Berry!! Shes already a berry in training:)

  • Joanna

    thanks for including my girls, #1 and #31 is Eva Diva, and my big 5 year old Paige #25 , LOVES the water

  • Joanna

    fast fingers, I meant #24 , hehe. though 25 is pretty darn adorable, love all the handsome little men in this post

    • http://brookiesworld.com brookied18

      Haha thats my little man! I was like "wtf she knows he loves water? Who is this stalker lady?!" Your girls are adorable.

  • mrshelderman

    #18 do you have a faux hawk, a plaid shirt and a vest? You have an awesome mommy or daddy! So cute!!

  • KCMonkey

    #6 I love his hair just the way it is! That smile is going to break some hearts one day, too.

    • TamraKMS

      Oh I know! I have a younger son as well and they both have those precious big eyes and adorable smiles! His hair is even longer now than it was in this picture! Im just a proud mama to see my boy on here:)

  • Danielleymarie

    Yay!!! Finally #9 made it!! I've been hoping baby Andrew would make the cut!! The berry only posts the cutest babies of course!!

  • TamraKMS

    Thanks berry for including my son #4 in your album!! This is the second time he's made it on!; I love sharing my beautiful blessings with everybody:)

    • TamraKMS

      Oh im.so sorry I meant #6 not #4!

  • misschris

    #21 OMG that outfit is just darling! What an adorable lil girl :-)

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