• ChrisDG74

    #6 – Have to be a stickler here:
    Energy comes from calories. Since water has no calories, it can't give you energy.
    But the rest are true.

    • Anne

      Maybe it means when you are dehydrated? Hydrating definitely gives me energy then.

    • Pat

      "Gives energy" might refer to a perceived mental/physical state. Also, consider the fact that staying hydrating can help one actually sustain energy. Or that water can impact numerous body regulatory processes. Calories are a unit of FOOD energy, so I get what you are saying, but have to counter. Food energy and feeling energized are not the same. How do you feel after eating a 2,000 calories of pasta?

  • Sarah

    #13 – So I know running is great for you. But some people cannot do it. Like me. I have very fragile achilles tendons that have been strained to the point of near snapping three times now because I've tried to run. Too much tension and slamming the tendon, the doctor said. I will never run again, and I've come to terms with this. But these kinds of pictures make me sad. No I can't run. But I'm not out of shape, and I am fit. Running is great (just like other exercises out there, because THERE ARE other exercises!), but runners sometimes have this superiority about them and what they do that upsets me. Like those of us that don't run don't because we're lazy. It's not always the case.

    • Erin

      I'm sorry to hear that. Physical limitations really suck. I hope you can find other exercises that you enjoy.

    • Bobby


      I agree, DM tends to be "running intensive" almost to the point of indoctrination. (Along with "drink water", which has been proven not to be all that beneficial, but that's for another rant).

      In fact, the constant impact that running places on the knees (muscles, tendons, etc) can be very significant.
      There are many other forms of exercise that even be "better" than running but are often overlooked on DM: cycling, rowing (kayaking) to name a few.

      Just keep doing your own thing and don't get assimilated into the "DM run" cult. Good luck!

      • VXS

        100% agree. I go to an MMA gym 3-4 days a week doing American Boxing, traditional Muay Thai, BJJ and Kettlebells to stay fit. Even do combat defense courses when I can. You couldn't pay me enough to run for the sake of running. Okay, maybe I have a price point, but it'd be a pretty sum…

        The point being is that running isn't the "BEST" way to help you get in shape, like DM would have you believe. The "best" always seems to be a mix of muscle changing cardio and strength training. Some of the posts make it seem that if you're not out there running around in pretty, expensive workout clothes, smiling and hating on every ounce of fat on your body, you're not doing it right. Nonsense.

        And yes, there's a complete myth about 8 glasses of water a day. You should be getting most of your water through the foods you eat like veggies and fruits. The water composition in those cells is a more natural way for your body to utilize in its functions than just straight water. Moral of the story is eat well, drink to supplement.

    • Jim

      I'm in fine shape, and just going to say running SUCKS. Joint friendly elliptical is better and have higher percentage of hotties doing it than scrawny runners. Run for a cause but after that its mainly for the ugly.

    • tiborpickens

      Just replace run with exercise (or exercise of your choice) and keep calm!! Had complete meniscotomy and ACL repair – CANNOT run but in better shape than when I did run 6 days a week. Weights all the way! All exercise can/should challenge like running!!

    • ThigWife

      I feel you on the this post make you sad. I have plantar faciitis and it limits what I can do. Which upsets me to no end, since I used to enjoy long walks. I am trying to find other workoust to replace what I can not do.

  • socalmarti

    #1 All things I used to think about my ex!!! LOL!😉

  • mel

    #3 Jillian Michaels workout DVD's are great for days you cant get to the gym!

  • Chris

    Sure, come to the DM and find something to be down about…sounds great. Ignore the posts about eating right, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and totally encouraging content to focus on your limitations OR choose to be motivated. Yes it's a choice. You win 3 interwebs.

    • Sarah

      I did not say I was ignoring the other motivational pictures, focusing on my limitations, OR choosing not to be motivated. I use the DM everyday to motivate me just as, it seems, you do. But these pictures are a trend. I don't see many yoga, rock climbing, or hiking pictures that say, "You just wouldn't understand what we do." THAT'S my issue with the running pictures. Many of them are like that. Of course, not all, and those that aren't are inspiring and motivational. Those that fit into the former category feel demotivational, in my opinion, and only serve to enhance the perceived superiority of what @Bobby called the "DM run cult" while bringing others who do not run, for a myriad of reasons, down a notch in their opinions.

      But thanks for the 3 interwebs, I really appreciate them.

      • Chris

        Grandma used to say "honey, the birds will fly over…just don't let them best in your hair"

        Don't let anything as silly as a running pic have a negative impact on you.

        Just because its there doesn't mean it's there for you.

        Smile and KCCO
        You get 3 more interwebs for not being a lemming:)

        • Chris

          "Build a nest in your hair"

  • Amy

    #22 WOW. Moar pls.

  • Mary

    #8 sounds great but if you can think positive thoughts ALL THE TIME then you must be on some great meds and I would appreciate it if you can share them. Thank you very much.

  • http://soapopolous.tumblr.com/ Sophia

    Love #3 and #18

  • Paul J. Dupre

    Great example for motivation. This could be much useful for the upcoming mayweather vs guerrero match. More motivation please.

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