• bowie

    #8 is actually a sweet coat! I'd love one!

  • DRD

    Guy not wearing socks? Check.
    Guy wearing outrageously colored shorts? Check.
    Bow tie? Check.
    Pants that are too tight? Check.

  • Stephanie

    Chuck Bass can wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

  • Drew

    #5 I went to High School with him. He was really nice.

  • Catherine K

    Hi, sorry. It's my first time seeing this kind of gallery here at theBerry, and I'm wondering… am I the only person who finds it unfair/cruel/just plain wrong for people to submit pictures they've taken of people to ridicule their fashion sense? I understand publicity pictures, fashion show pictures, photo shoots, photos people have permission to use and clearly humorous pictures… but that one someone took of a man minding his own business on the tube? The one of the guy taking a picture of himself for some social network profile? I'm really sorry if you don't agree but I feel like I have to say that publishing that is on the level of tabloid trashy.

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