• Sarah

    #10 – Whoa baby. Hey there….

  • dollybakerton

    Arnaud, you're hairy and beautiful!! DONT EVER CHANGE THAT😛

  • yummyjulie

    Love these posts! He's delicious:)

  • SAMI


  • https://www.facebook.com/kseniya.whateveryouwantittobe Kseniya

    hollly shit your beautiful

  • Marissak21

    Oh God, I stared at these pictures longer than I care to admit

  • April Metallica

    Oh dear lord he is gorgeous!!

  • Lenore

    This is man!

  • Jane

    Good. Lord. This man is hot.

  • stuscott

    Wonderful – Nothing like a real hairy stud – now this is a man!!!
    Sick and tired of this obsession to have every man waxed and shaved, when they best with hair – absolute turn on and very sexy!!!!

    • Jackie

      I Agree he is HOT HOT HOT, and oh so manly

  • rocklesson86

    This is the first time and only time I will think a guy with chest hair is hot.

  • Valdet Selimaj

    Reblogged this on Valdet Selimaj and commented:
    OMG he is so hot! This seriously makes me sweat. I want to bear all of his babies.

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