• #43

    I at some point will want a daily motivation tshirt. You guys should come up with one. Thanks….off to the gym I go.

    • Julia

      like a work out frat tank? yes?

      • #43

        Yes some for everyones new years resolutions:)

  • Jean

    I agree, a shirt would be great.

  • guesst

    I don't know how, but the daily motivation helped me to stand up and get my health back, Thanks!!!

  • huskergirlDC

    #18 for sho!

  • B. Davs

    #19 can't do it, it freaks me out

    • John80

      I definitely like them less ripe, but this is great information. Usually over-ripe bananas (with brown spots or completely brown) are used in smoothies or banana bread because they are sweeter. Maybe try them that way?

      • doerteee

        that's how I do it😀

    • Tristan
      • Sonia

        #19 isn't claiming to cure cancer. Just a healthy preventative.

  • Eisencrest

    #21 is so important.

  • katastrophe89

    #19 didn't know that

    • John80

      Wow, if you actually look up the study this was based on, it says NOTHING about cancer. Whoever made this meme took a huge leap to make that conclusion. This must have been made by Chiquita or something. Lol..

    • sidekickk
    • jake

      A chemical that identifies and kills cancer cells is the cure for cancer… That's the thing you just described

  • 16inchzipper

    #16 OK, explain this one to me? Is it saying that if I eat 3500 calories a day, I will gain 1 pound a day?

    • Disco

      It's saying that there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So, if you *over*-eat 3500 calories in a day, you would gain a pound; and if you burn 3500 calories more than you eat, you lose a pound.

      Say your recommended daily intake is 2000 calories.

      If you eat 5500 calories that day, you would gain a pound. But if you ate 3500 in total, then you over-ate by 1500, so you'd gain about .4 pound.

      Whereas, if you ate 3500 calories and then went to the gym and just, I don't know, *killed* it and burned 1500 calories, you wouldn't gain anything.

      • John80

        Pretty much. First you need to find your BMR, which tells you how much calories you must take in per day to maintain your current weight. Say it's 2000. In order to lose one pound in a week, your net calories would need to be 1500 per day, creating a calorie "deficit" of 3500 for the week. (500 calories below what's required to maintain weight x 7 days) Make sense?

        • doerteee

          lol. I just looked up the BMR thing for the first time and it says I need 1465 calories per day. That's a lot less than I thought. I'm gonna need to spend some time monitoring what I eat on a normal day to get some perspective on this information.

          • John80

            Pretty rough huh? Yeah i need about 1850…but the more you burn working out the more you can subtract from what you've eaten! I always feel fuller on days when I work really hard, even if it does increase your appetite afterward.

  • Liz

    #8 what kind of shorts are those?

    • John80


  • Nelliej

    #22 is my boyfriend!😀

  • Anonymous

    What is #17 for? To look pretty? Where’d the avocado go? I have to eat out of the inconvenient skins a second time after I already scraped the avocado out once? Plus there’s not enough there for a snack, let alone a meal:/ and with THAT much effort put into it it ought to be a meal.

    I like #8 ^_^ I’d run as far as she did so long as she let me follow her the whole time:)

  • Miki

    I needed #4 …I was guilt tripping last night from eating at a dinner with friends. Thanks for making me feel better!

  • Sonia

    #15 I emailed this to theberry like two months ago. Glad I finally made it on daily motivation!

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