• AreJay

    Awesome post! Vanity Fair managed to get pretty much everyone for this "reunion"

  • Sam


  • silverfire

    This made my whole week! AWESOME

  • Jess


  • Danielle

    MADE MY DAY… Best show ever…

  • Kite

    Awesome!! I just recently watched the show on Netflix

  • Teena

    THANK YOU for this! Love, love, LOVED this show. Where’s Gordon?

    • Typ

      Last right of the second row down of #10 according to the VF website anyways:)

  • pieforme

    I'm so blissed-out that I can't see straight. Adored this show and every single character. "Sam" is such a man now that I didn't recognize him! Everyone else is recognizable, yet "Millie" looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for posting!

  • Typ

    #16 Is that Harris?? Love them all!

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  • waitingfordeluxe

    #6 He has the best smile:)

  • celkali

    #14 Oh Gruber, you're so awesome. And #10 J. Elvis Weinstein in the upper right side (one of the writers)- he's awesome, too.

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