• Miki

    #26 and #27 made my day!

  • BerryMerry

    #6 #14 I want this, om nom nom

  • JudyHun

    #38 ?

  • Sarah

    #20, #21 – I've never cared one way or another about Jay-Z and Beyonce, but after seeing him and seeing them together on theBERRY posts, I have to say that I like him. I love that dialogue, and the two of them together are just… cool. They're not like some other celebrity couples, doing things for paparazzi. I like that.

  • Addie

    #4 That's one crazy lady! Find me on twitter @addie_said – we'll talk about barriage later :*

  • verdant_waves

    #26 is cute, I'd forgive him pretty quickly.:-)

  • berrygirl

    I looked at #33 for too long

    • kait

      Same here but think it is awesome!

  • notfornothing1

    #35 i just stared and giggled for a minute

  • KTmess

    #4 Yes please and thank you.

  • Kt_leigh

    #4 Your plaid shirt and scruff do all the right things to me…. she's a nut!

  • Logette

    Recipe for #13?

  • zillyzallie

    #26 is exactly how I start my day.

  • Tara

    #4 cheer up I bet every berry girl would love a date with you !

    #14 awsome but I still believe in pluto !!!!

    #32 that was me last year I found tons of ideas for paper ordaments and I had some popery and made a bunch with that its fun actually making ordaments also if your doimg it make popcorn garlin

    • Wisti

      Scrapbook paper is too expensive…I got a free tree too though! It's so tiny that I was able to wrap it in a single strand of Christmas lights I borrowed:) my apartment is too small for a larger tree anyways ^_^

  • huskergirlDC

    #24 I feel like right meow…. Just finished my first final. 6 more left
    #34 Going to school to be a chiropractor means I dig this on more than one level.

  • socalmarti

    #4 This should be a new Berry post recently single HMOTB!!! Very Handsome!

  • kait

    #38 is pretty cool but I don't get how it works lol

  • eric

    #5 My daughter is going to be excited to see that her elf made it on TheBerry

  • Kaylie R.

    #30 is that where the wedding scene for Mama Mia was filmed?

    • mrshelderman

      It totally looks like it

      • Kaylie R.

        I saw this pick and that Roll The Dice song started playing in my head. LOL

  • bryan

    # 4 pretty sure the definition of bachelor is someone who is not, and has never been, married, so you cant be a bachelor, again…somewhat like saying "i am a virgin, again"


      True dat

  • Robin Smith

    # 37 is my christmas tree. I am so excited to have it on the Berry!!! It will be a big deal for the other 803 people here in Onalaska, Texas. Too much Berry love for making a terrible day into a great one for me. Thank you so much x0x0x0x0x0x0x

  • Jessica R.

    #4 Nice lumberjack shirt😉 I like it

  • mrshelderman
  • mon318

    #2 Been there.. really cool!

  • dreagee

    #6 i want!

  • nayala

    #20 I just saw the video for that today, he sounded so humble. Love Jay-Z

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