• ashhippo

    Anyone else really creeped out by this little elf?

    • VC98

      totally specially when my friends decide to put him in compromising positions and share the pictures lol

  • emmylou

    I have no idea what the heck this is about.

  • mar

    can someone tell me what is this about.I'm from Croatia and haven't seen this yet.We here have St. Nicholas day

  • pvd

    Worst Mystery Misc ever. This creepy overpriced elf needs to go away.

  • SurlyMermaid

    The Elf on a Shelf is a little toy elf that is supposed to keep an eye on children in the house for Santa Claus. Every night the elf flies back to the North Pole to report their behavior to Santa. When the elf returns, he hides some place around the house and often does mischievous or funny things. I skip the part about the elf reporting to Santa every night. We just do silly things with the elf and make it more like hide & seek for our kids.

    • PicklesMcGee

      omg thats actually really cute! I've never heard of this!

      • MHLMberry

        This is bloody adorable!! I don't have kids so I shall also skip the reporting to Santa and leave around to surprise my fiancé

  • sidekickk

    #7 heehee

  • Erika

    OMG I am so doing #1 tomorrow morning! Ours name is "Duende" elf in Spanish.

  • erika

    aaaaggg i meant #2!

  • socalmarti

    #7 and #8 are what my elf would be doing, that and humping Barbie's leg….LOL😀

  • Rebecca

    #3 is perfect

  • Liz Lemon

    This elf thing has taken over my facebook news feed… someone post a pic of it doing something 'nasty' and all the mothers I know get upset because they are 'making a loving childrens toy do naughty things'. I find the whole thing really strange… but that's just me. I'm just tired of seeing it on my news feed… not only that but one mother i know bought one online for seventy dollars… SEVENTY. Seriously?

  • patty_cakess

    where can I buy one?

    • maggie

      Hallmark and most large book stores like barnes and noble

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