• TommyB

    #21 um….how about – NO!

  • Alejandra Kuhn

    Where can I find #11? Or the style name if it! Thanks! =)

    • Kyle

      Old Navy had one that was very similar, sans ellbow patch though.

    • will
      • Alejandra Kuhn

        Thank you!!

  • Dan

    #4 #7 #9 #17 #24 #25 Really? And women wonder why it's hard to find a real man.

    • Rod

      They want this or an Ed Hardy, orange skinned baboon. It's really baffling.

  • Liz

    My husband is a beefy marine/hunter/rugby player and I read a k-mart style guide once in the late 60's – all of these clothes are too tight and look silly. Why do these guys roll up there leg sleeves? If my chunky man did this, all the other guys in the trailer park would make fun of him.

    Do they not make carharts where you're from?

    • Liz

      and those ties are too skinny.

      and death and guns to people who don't like my antiquated sense of fashion.


      • Becky-Lynn

        Totes. Damn richies thinkin' they're better than us because they're edjamacated. Overalls and shit-kickers errrr damn day!

        And Ed Hardy on special occasions.

    • inkstained

      THIS. I don't understand why this style would be desirable for men- unless they're hipsters.

    • sorrynotsorry

      Glad to know my boyfriend doesn't shop at Walmart to get his carhart gear. I love all these looks. Some men just have style.

      • mrshelderman

        Listen y'all this is turning into a super crappy post to read. Just because someone doesn't like the styles The Berry shows doesn't mean they are ignorant white trash. Same argument every time this post happens. It's crap.

        • Rightness

          Men come in 2 forms, either they understand the nuances of fashion or they listen to nickelback.

        • james_Andrew

          i agree, but I think the op was asking for it……

          you can't wear carhatt gear everyday lol what if you have to go to wedding or a fancy dinner?
          half of these clothes wear meant for that.

          and whats wrong with a nice fitted tshirt or button down? honestly what else are you going to wear?

    • dollybakerton


    • rocklesson86

      So are you saying that beefy guys can't wear stuff like this? You live in a trailer park? That explains why you shop for clothes at Wal-Mart.

  • bkibbs

    My gf wishes I looked like John Krasinski too, but we can't always get what we want #3

  • Hazel

    I guess the West coast style is just totally different from our South East Coast style. That has to be the explanation for all these heinous outfits…Yuck

    • Rightness

      I'm sorry, I did not see the map of where these pictures were taken, that must have slipped my line of site. Unless by west coast you mean anything outside of the general admission ticket area of the last Toby Keith concert you went to.

  • 16inchzipper

    #10 Isn't "Sometime" and "Always" backwards?

    • Liz


      • Rightness

        I'm not sure who Liz is but by God I love her today.

    • DRD

      That's a three-button jacket–you, know, the type that was popular nearly a decade ago.

      On a two-button jacket, which is what's predominantly sold today, always button the top, and always unbutton the bottom.

    • Johny

      Hell no…and you better remember that missy.

  • Kyle

    #7 is a very sharp look.

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #27 #25 Really?

    • Rightness

      Yes, TFM.

      • sorrynotsorry

        you're my new best friend.

        • Rightness


  • verdant_waves

    I'm sorry, but suspenders and loafers are for old men and hipsters. No thank you.

    • Rightness

      Hipsters aren't even hipsters, it breaks the definition of being a hipster. Loafers would never be in that catagory, loafers are a staple in men's wardrobe and an essential part of predatory style. Now learn some new adjectives and try your complaints again, you ass hat.

  • erika

    #6 LOVE

  • PicklesMcGee

    oh jeez #4.. Really? Really?? I don't know anyone who would want their boyfriend to wear that.

    • Keith

      It's hideous! The pants are the worst, but the hair and sunglasses aren't helping anything.


    some of these clothes make me want to vom but #17..something about salt and pepper hair.. YUM!

  • socalmarti

    #2 I would love to rip that off of him!!!😉

  • http://twitter.com/ijlaing7 @ijlaing7

    there's an overwhelming amount of tight pants in this gallery

  • dollybakerton

    #20 is the best in here… i dont get why guys want to wear girls pants.. and SALMON?! wtf

    • DRD

      Guys DON'T want to wear women's pants, which is why guys don't wear this stuff.

      The question is: Why do women want guys to wear women's pants?

  • berry girl

    Wtf is right, my man would never, a manly man is hotter!

  • Art

    #14 #21 #22 #25 #26 #28 I think the Berry gals are have a laugh with us today. These are hilarious, ladies!

    • anon

      for #14 what's wrong with a black t-shirt jeans, sneakers and ray bans?

  • ander

    #28 Creepy

  • rocklesson86

    I like the style of the clothes. I could see my man wearing something like this to a special event.

  • Ana Carnauba

    Whos the 15th guy? OMG!!!!

  • guest

    This is no girl's boyfriend. This is some guy's girlfriend.

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