• Christina:)

    #32 aww, so cute

  • Miki

    #40 Hai!

  • brainsock

    #40 i don't care…get over here right now!

  • elephanttears

    #40 hair! Yes please.

  • SurlyMermaid

    #19 dafuq?

  • Alex

    #16 I think this one is awesome! She's older and it looks like she's not going to grow hair again, this is a badass way to have your head look pretty.

  • Vellie

    #40 Hair! And move the camera a little lower next time!

  • Brittany

    Clearly enough hype to do a Find Him post on #40 – help us out with our fantasies Berry Team? PLEASE!

  • fgbsgb

    #40 HAIR

    #17 hahaha I think I love you

  • MrsPettis

    #40 Hair? What hair. WHOAAA

  • kellibaby

    #40 Yes. Wait…what?


  • http://twitter.com/FastFreddy7 @FastFreddy7

    #40 Oh Bryan, so proud of you bro, lol

    • http://twitter.com/Chiver_PD @Chiver_PD

      Thx Fred

  • http://twitter.com/simple81 @simple81

    #40 Need his own HMOTB gallery! Berry, Make this happen!

    • http://twitter.com/simple81 @simple81


  • Grenade

    I recognize that stud…. He gave me genital warts and syphilis…..

    • Grenade


    • Hot tub no no 147

      Me too! Said he wanted to do me someplace uncomfortable. I thought he was talking about the rear seat of his Volkswagen Beetle, but he meant my rear! Now I too am dealing with disease and leakage.

    • Bryan

      Not funny fuckers. Awesome seeing two of my best friends trolling my post. Next time login with your fb accounts so people can see who you are. Payback's coming for you two, Jason and Josh.

  • misschris

    #40 Please keep the hair! It's weird when a man shaves his body hair, and body hair is sexy and manly!

  • staceyspanks

    NO hair!! and holy hell hot body

  • BostonChivette

    #40 Most definitely hair AND MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe with no pants😉

  • KCCO504

    Need moarrrr. For the love of everything holy find him!! And answer: hair.

  • lulu

    did you shave your arms as well???

    it is a crime to shave a man chest …. leave it alone

    • http://twitter.com/Chiver_PD @Chiver_PD

      I shaved everything for my magic mike Halloween costume this year. Arms, legs… Fun times but would b a pain to keep it that way.

  • mzabonik

    #40 No pants.

  • Victoria

    Hair, and face please? pretty please?


    #7 What's going on here? Is the top pic Ashton Kutcher? Who's he supposed to be playing dress up as?

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