The fastest way to a man’s heart: BREAKDOWN (25 photos + recipes)

Click HERE for more food of AWESOME proportions!

  • socalmarti

    #20 Sorry but gross!!!

  • Mel

    I see why women outlive men. Because we kill them with high cholesterol.

  • ChrisDG74

    #1- Leave the damn Jimmies/sprinkles off and we're good.

  • @ChiliPepper87

    #5 … because who doesn't have a blow-toarch in their kitchen?!

    • katie

      I have one! I have always used it for making creme brulee, (my fave), but I just might crack it out for this.

  • sozizzle

    more like fastest way for a man's heart to die lol , but for sure my fusband would love this

  • Taco

    My man says just stick with the originals and we're good.

  • Apples

    This is kinda gross:/

  • Crush

    Genius…..all of it.

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